5 Things that Brands Can Learn from the Royal Wedding

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Given my obsession with the royal wedding this week (well if I’m being honest, the past three months), it only made sense for me to find a way to actually learn from the event that has taken over every news medium across the world. As I sit here and consistently refresh the homepages of several news sites, I have been wondering what it is about this wedding that has the entire world, including myself, so invested. What makes this event different from all the other important, if not more important, situations happening around the world?

While I don’t have the answer completely figured out, the PR side of me has definitely picked up on some of the strategic moves made by the royal family that have made this wedding an event to remember. I have also realized that these strategies are the same ones that make a brand successful.

Here are just five of the many takeaways from the royal wedding that brands can implement in their everyday strategies:

1)   Love is in the details. From the impeccable timing of the ceremony to the meticulous preparation for the reception, the attention to detail is what makes the royal wedding unlike any other event in the world.  While the extreme measures taken to ensure that things are perfect may seem unnecessary, this attention to detail allows the royal family to express how important and special the event is to them. Whether it’s a large-scale event or a simple report you are sending, paying attention to the details of your presentation are key to winning the hearts of your clients.

2)   Be relatable. In the weeks leading up to the royal wedding, there was much speculation as to how the bride-to-be would act during the actual ceremony. While many suspected that she may be as reserved as brides in past royal weddings, Kate actually proved to be quite animated and engaged. She acted the way any other modern bride would act, making her relatable to the millions of women watching her in awe.  Expressing a human element can be just as beneficial for a brand as it was for Kate Middleton.

3)   Give back when you can.  When executing such an extravagant initiative such as a royal wedding, one of the first thing critics look at is the budget. Is it responsible to indulge in such luxury and excess when we are still making our way out of a global economic crisis? By asking well-wishers to donate to select charities in lieu of gifts, Kate and William were able to still have their dream wedding without coming off insensitive or inconsiderate. So next time you are planning a major campaign or big idea, be sure to consider how to incorporate social good at the same time.

4)   Keep your audience in suspense. There is no doubt that the most highly anticipated moment of the royal wedding (and the reason I woke up extra early this morning) was the unveiling of Kate’s wedding dress. These days, keeping any details of an announcement or event from leaking is nearly impossible given the extremely viral nature of today’s media. However, taking the extra measures to keep just one important detail top secret creates even more buzz, increasing awareness and excitement around your brand or event.

5)   Keep it classy. From Kate’s weight to William’s dating history, the couple has been inundated with more scrutiny and criticism than any other celebrity couple. However, despite the harsh comments and invasive questions, the couple never faltered and always maintained composure when speaking or interacting with the media. There are certain company spokespeople that can learn a lot from the royal couple’s tasteful approach to dealing with negative press.

What have you learned from the royal wedding? Leave a comment below!

3 Comments 5 Things that Brands Can Learn from the Royal Wedding

  1. Ann

    I learned to give the audience what they want and expect but add just a little something at the end. Hence- the second Kiss.

  2. eileen

    To your point on relatability -look for commonality within a broad reach. The message of hope seemed to be universally felt across all age groups and demographics. It’s such a basic human draw and we can attract many if we keep that in mind when crafting our message.

  3. Kaylen McNamara

    Thank you Ann and Eileen for your comments! Great insight and advice!

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