Lady Gaga Impersonator and Teacher Collaborate to Dupe Kids: Lesson for PR & Business

This one is personal for me. My daughter had been talking for weeks about a special teacher that has been helping her fifth grade class, and many others in our school district, prepare for the state-administered exams, NJ ASK. As a reward for their great work, this staff developer (not her regular teacher) promised the… Continue reading


Last night, our team had the pleasure of attending the always (PR) star-studded 2011 Big Apple Awards, hosted by PRSA New York. Aside from showing support for our very own Sandra Fathi, who delivered the President’s remarks and graciously gave out awards for deserving campaigns, we were also contenders for a few honors ourselves! The Big… Continue reading

Lessons Learned From The Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Tweet

It only took nine days on Twitter for the Secret Service to learn an important lesson about the immediacy of social media. On Wednesday, an employee for the Secret Service — thinking they were logged in to their personal account — posted a tweet to the Service’s account that read, “Had to monitor Fox for… Continue reading

New York Intern Project Winner Pat Gotham Talks Contest

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham discusses the contest, including the experience and the thrill of winning. See you in New York City! “So, Pat, what are your plans after you graduate?” “I’m moving to New York City to intern at a PR agency.” “What!? You got the internship?! That’s so awesome! I voted… Continue reading

Work that Room: Top Five Tips for Making the Most Out of a Networking Event

Whether you’re in public relations or a related industry, you’ve likely attended your fair share of networking events. Mingling with the crowd and making worthwhile connections isn’t easy. Here are some tips for working a room: 1) Plan Your Intro. When approaching someone you don’t know, think about an opening line (just don’t ask them… Continue reading

The Business Insider Tell Us What They Want

The Business Insider decided to throw us PR folks a bone today and tell us exactly what they want and don’t in a pitch. Really, their requests are pretty simple…there are only two of them. #1. Have an actual story….about topics they cover, not just about your client #2. Send a quote…they don’t have the… Continue reading

The 80/20 Rule of Social Media Tracking

I recently read Richard Koch’s famed book “The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less” (I know I’m well over a decade late). For those who haven’t read the book, it’s a modern application of the Pareto Principle. This principle states that 80 percent of our efforts contribute to 20 percent of results… Continue reading

The “New” News Cycle

Like millions of Americans, I was up late this Sunday night watching, mouth agape, as the news of Osama bin Laden’s death was announced. When I came into work Monday and scanned the blogosphere, I saw, as expected, massive amounts of posts about the event itself, how President Obama handled the address, and more details… Continue reading

Aceing the Intern Interview

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the three finalists to The New York Intern Project. Throughout the interview process, I was impressed at how they handled each situation we threw at them – from lunches with team members to formal, sit-down interviews with The New York Intern Project judges. Now you… Continue reading