Social Communications for B2B Brands

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the B2B Social Communications Leadership Forum in NYC, hosted by the Business Development Institute (BDI).  Our agency is a big fan of BDI so we were excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this one. In addition to the quality of speakers and program topics, BDI… Continue reading

New York Intern Project LinkedIn Group Page is Live!

When we launched the New York Intern Project back in February, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew we had a great strategy, plus a great platform and partner with Strutta, an interactive promotions company offering an intuitive contest builder that enables businesses to manage fully branded online contests. But it was impossible… Continue reading

Planning to Plan – 4 Keys for Defining PR Goals

As we approach the second half of 2011, companies should begin taking the time to reflect on the last six months – what worked, what didn’t, and how they can improve. Successful companies will take that information and apply it to their plans for the second half of 2011. Unfortunately, too many companies are focused… Continue reading

Big Team, Little Me – My Internship With a Group

“Big TEAM, little me.” The baseball team at my high school always chanted this mantra to remind themselves that the accomplishments of the whole group were more important than any one person’s individual achievements. It’s catchy, right? Who knew that it could be applied outside of the sports world? At Affect, people are assigned to… Continue reading

Google’s Not the Only One that Can Have Some Inspiration – Idea Day Hits Affect

Every once in awhile, you just have to unwind, relax, and let the ideas flow. For Affect, we tried something we’ve never attempted before: An employee Idea Day. In the same vein as Google and HP, everyone on the team was tasked to come up with an idea that would help Affect better serve clients,… Continue reading


In an agency setting, one of the things we get to do is work on new and exciting internal and client spot projects. Usually we’ll develop an idea, put together a proposal, and then execute a fantastic campaign for the agency or its clients. We’ll put together a report highlighting all of the amazing results,… Continue reading

Internet Week 2011: A PR/Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar….

With Internet Week 2011 winding down in New York City, we wanted to ask someone who saw about as much as of the week’s festivities as one person could. Here’s what you missed, and what you need to know about this year’s Internet Week from guest Stephanie Grayson, an experienced communications professional and friend of Affect’s…. Continue reading

Internet Week 2011: So You Think You’re A Comedian? 5 Tips to Effectively Use Humor in Social Media

With Internet Week in full swing, a couple colleagues and I braved the Manhattan heat to venture down to Internet Week’s headquarters to learn from a few comedians about how to effectively use comedy on social media platforms. The star-studded panel for this event included Witstream CCO Michael Ian Black, Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock… Continue reading

Internet Week 2011: The Traditional Press Kit is Dead; And Other Things I Learned

Internet Week has descended upon New York City, and yesterday I ventured down to 18th street’s Internet Week HQ to attend an event titled, “The 24/7 Online Newscycle & Reaping the Rewards of Real Time Reporting.” With Laurie Segall of CNN Money moderating, and respected editors Jim Frederick (managing editor, Tony Haile (GM of… Continue reading

No Such Thing as a “Syllabus Week” in a PR Internship

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham has started at Affect! He’ll be detailing his summer in the city right here. First up, Pat explains how internships don’t quite follow a syllabus. The first week of classes in college is typically known as “Syllabus Week.” Professors hand out the most important document for the class… Continue reading