No Such Thing as a “Syllabus Week” in a PR Internship

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham has started at Affect! He’ll be detailing his summer in the city right here. First up, Pat explains how internships don’t quite follow a syllabus.

The first week of classes in college is typically known as “Syllabus Week.” Professors hand out the most important document for the class which outlines learning expectations, the books that need to be purchased, homework assignments, and dates of exams. Nothing is really taught or learned during those first few days as students add and drop classes in an effort to craft the perfect schedule.

Meanwhile in the working world, there is no class syllabus and no syllabus week. In my first hour at Affect, I was warmly greeted, taken on a tour of the office, given a brief orientation, and then was given a hands on assignment. Interns here don’t learn from a book, instead we engage in projects that contribute to the team. I’ve already been assigned to different client accounts and actually feel like my work makes an impact.

In school, I was able to anticipate when my workload would be the heaviest and prepared because my courses were predictable. The field of Public Relations is not so foreseeable, especially when dealing with Social Media, which is what keeps it interesting. One day last week, an urgent project came up and I had to put aside all of my assignments. Of course, the rest of my duties still had to be finished that day – thank you past extracurricular activities to help me through the stress. Even though it was only my third day at the office, I was being entrusted with something important. It’s clear the promises Affect made in the New York Intern Project contest were definitely not empty ones.

Home for the Summer

For the summer I’m living in Brooklyn at a building specializing in short term housing for interns. I’ve made a lot of friends who are working at various companies all over the city, and each weekday we venture out to our respective internships then return home and all eat dinner together while we reminisce about our days. In talking with many other New York City interns, I’ve found that each company differs with regards to intern programs and that I definitely earned a place in the program that fits me best. With one week of the internship done, I am excited to see what will happen next!

Read more about Pat’s time at Affect throughout the summer right here as he details his time in New York City.

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