Lessons from NYC Flyer Distributors

Where the tourists go, the flyers will follow. I’ve learned that during my lengthy Midtown commutes.  My journey to work takes me through some heavy trafficked tourist areas, and on any given day, I dodge at least 20 people trying to hand me something. Sightseeing tours, restaurant coupons, nail salon deals.  You name it, there’s a flyer in my way. To me, they’re all the same – I blow by them as quickly as possible – but to businesses, it is a real opportunity to get the word out, especially Read more […]

An Evening at Bloomberg

Last night I had the pleasure of touring the offices of Bloomberg, housed right here in NYC at One Beacon Court. While Bloomberg’s core business is their news terminal subscriber service, they are also one of the world’s most renown financial news organizations, with titles including Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg TV and Radio. While their offices were certainly impressive, I really enjoyed the sit down with Bloomberg’s New York bureau chief, Karen Toulon. While it was interesting Read more […]

Employment was in the Stars

For my birthday in April, my mom contacted her astrologer and had her read my solar return. I’m not normally into horoscopes and star charts, but I figured if nothing else it would be entertaining. During the reading, she made one prediction that stood out to me in particular. I was going to get an internship or part-time job for the summer, and as a result of my work over the summer, someone would notice my work ethic and hire me full-time for the fall. Well guess what? As of September 1, this Read more […]

Sharing the (Media) Love

With summer in the city in full swing, New Yorkers are busy – traveling, dining, and generally finding ways to stay out of the heat! The team here at Affect is no exception. I’ve been with the agency only a short time, and I’m continually impressed by the results the team secures on behalf of clients with creative, strategic, and nimble media relations skills. Despite the fact that the month is only half-way over, we’ve generated some some solid coverage for our clients (and even received some coverage Read more […]

Plus One: Google+ Adds Another Space for Brand Monitoring

Google+ made a splash a couple weeks ago, when it launched in private beta, providing marketers and PR professionals another social media venue to study and decide how to use it for sales purposes. While brands can’t create presences on Google+ yet, there are already plans to build Facebook-like brand pages. Once that happens, there’s no doubt brands will be ready to jump into the fray and interact with a new community of people. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the Plus yet, imagine Read more […]

Eight Interns Give Four Rules for Companies on Twitter

This summer I’m living at Educational Housing Services, which means I’m living in a building with other summer interns who work in various industries. Among my group of friends there are people who work for financial planners, fashion designers, hospitals, publishing companies and restaurants. Recently we had a family style meal in our communal kitchen and took turns debriefing our days. I was talking about my day when I was asked, “Pat, I get why a company publicizes themselves, but why do Read more […]