Wedding Planning, Vendor Management and the Art of the Follow-up

When I got engaged a few months ago, I promised myself that I would not turn into the type of person that blogs the experience. In fact, if I remember correctly – I might have made a few snide comments about people who turn their lives into one big rollicking frolicking wedding planning machine. I may… Continue reading

Community Engagement: How to Effectively Participate in a Twitter Chat

With more than 200 million users on Twitter, it has become increasingly difficult for people and brands to break through the noise that exists between them and their target audience on this medium. While Twitter may not have a ‘groups’ functionally like LinkedIn or Facebook, communities across the platform are able to directly engage and… Continue reading

Stressed, but Not for Long

I noticed quickly in starting at a New York PR agency that multi-tasking isn’t an optional activity. It’s mandatory. E-mails never seem to stop filling up your inbox. Project deadlines sneak up on you. Meetings run long, which puts you behind. All of that doesn’t even begin to account for your personal life, complete with your… Continue reading

If the White House is on Foursquare – Should You Be Too?

While mayor-ship of the Affect offices is certainly quite hotly contested, I can only imagine the competition that will now ensue to become Mayor of The White House. You heard it right – the White House today announced they’ve joined Foursquare, letting you keep track of where the President last “checked-in”, and allowing users to… Continue reading

Journalists: Where’s the Social Media Tips for PR Pros?

Every once in awhile, media companies pull down the shades and give tips to public relation professionals on how to pitch their journalists. Lets face it; PR folks love this because it gives us an opportunity to refresh our strategy with the outlet. And this refresh can lead to new hits for our clients. What’s… Continue reading

Want Your Brand to Stand Out? Try Sponsoring the White House!

As everyone in the industry knows, making your clients stand out from the crowd is vital in helping them achieve their PR and marketing goals. At times, this can be much easier said than done, but it’s our job to continue looking for ways to make this happen.  I came across a company this week… Continue reading

A Couple PR Basics Reminders

Happy Friday everyone! There were a couple instances this week that brought be back to my PR 101 days. We often forget many of the simple PR principles after so many years of simultaneously navigating the worlds of media and clients. I found these reminders both jarring and refreshing, so I thought I would share… Continue reading

Real Estate Brokers and PR Professionals… Not So Different After All

Looking for an apartment in New York City is no easy task. With my intern housing ending in mid-August, I had to look for a place to live. In college I could get away with attending a Renter’s Fair at school to find a rental property. Now in a big city with a lot more… Continue reading