Google+ & PR: What does it mean for you and your company?

Earlier this week I gave a workshop of Google+ & PR for PRSA-NY. The class was particularly timely due to the expected announcement in the very near future, of company or brand pages on Google+. Public relations professionals have seen the rise, and fall, of a variety of social networks over the last four to five years but there has never been a social network that was initiated by a company with so much clout, such a significant user base, a global presence and as deep pockets as Google. It’s Read more […]

Three Things You Can Learn From Ashton Kutcher Promoting Foursquare on Two and a Half Men

I miss Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. There, I said it. I was curious to see how the show will unfold without him, so I tuned in to the first two episodes and still don’t really know how I feel yet about Ashton Kutcher’s new character. In any case, on the second episode of the season Kutcher’s character is shown on the phone with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and he’s working on a laptop with decals of several prominent companies such as Foursquare, Chegg, Hipmunk, etc. When I first saw Read more […]

Ads Get Social On Google+

Since the creation of social networks, advertisers have wanted new ways that would allow users to share advertisements with their networks. Finally, advertisers have the tool that allows users to share the ads with members of their community, directly. Well, that is the community on Google+ anyways. Announcing via its AdSense blog, Google has launched an ad version that includes the “+1” tool, now synonymous with Google+. Google+ users can click the “+1” on the ad to share the advertisement Read more […]

We We We So Excited

As we often do, several of us here at Affect were discussing press release language yesterday – reflecting on the some of the bad drafts we’ve seen, and the overuse of certain words (“innovative”, “leading”). One word that came to mind for all of us was “excited”, so I was, well, excited to see this new tumblr blog created by Mashable’s Todd Wasserman: “Everyone’s Excited in Press Releases.” Fed up with seeing the word “excited” used over and over in standard press releases, Todd says he reached Read more […]

What President Obama Can Teach Us About PR, Public Speaking & Media Training

When we sat down to watch President Obama last night in his speech on the American Jobs Act, my husband and I knew that we had different views on his politics, but we both agree that he is an outstanding orator. President Obama is undoubtedly one of the best speakers that has graced the White House in decades. Regardless of your views on the content of his speech, there is no doubt that he captures the attention of his audience, that he is a dynamic and charismatic speaker and that he knows how to Read more […]

Cupcakes, Wigs, and Action: My Summer at Affect

Three months ago, I stepped onto the 6th floor of 989 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. It was my first day of my internship. There were names to memorize, a company culture to learn, and a whole lot of public relations knowledge to soak up. It was a busy summer for sure, and I learned a lot about myself as well as about Affect and public relations. In the end, my experience can be summed up into three words: cupcakes, wigs, and action. Cupcakes. When an Affect team member has a birthday Read more […]