Lessons in Crisis Communication from the BP Oil Spill

This past week, I attended a PRSA-NY event where the communications strategy of BP during the oil spill was put on trial. Paul Holmes presided over the case, while each side presented their thoughts on BP’s strategy. By the end of the tribunal I still hadn’t made up my mind about a verdict, but I did come away with some advice on handling crisis communications. Instead of keeping these four lessons to myself, I figured I would share them with you. Lesson 1: Look at the crisis as a battle Read more […]

Cleaning Up A Mess: What PR and Marketing Professionals Can Learn from Netflix

The Netflix change in service fiasco continues to unfold this week. On Monday, the company revealed to investors the loss of 800,000 subscribers over the course of an already dismal quarter that involved a widely unpopular price increase and a failed plan to split its DVD and streaming services into two. Not surprisingly, stocks plummeted. So now is an opportune time for those of us in the industry to consider, what can Netflix do and what can we learn from the situation? Here I’ve laid Read more […]

Pitching 101: The Basics Every PR Newbie Should Know

When first starting out in PR, pitching stories for clients can be nerve-racking. When my account supervisor gave me my first assignment, I was excited but also nervous. Finally, I was given the chance to contribute to the coverage I monitored for on a daily basis, but I didn’t want to mess up. What if I couldn’t produce any results? What if I said the wrong thing to the reporter? What if I ended up on the Bad Pitch Blog? Sure, if I were pitching a new Apple product launch it would seem like Read more […]

MLB Hits A Social Media Home Run With the “Fan Cave” And Here’s How

It’s that time again for the Fall Classic, as the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals match up to take home the pennant. As a native of Dallas, I’ll be cheering for my Rangers, but MLB deserves a massive applause for its use of social media this year. That’s because the MLB hit a social media grand slam with the use of the “Fan Cave.” If you’re new to baseball, this is an initiative that the MLB launched on the first day of the season. Two fans were selected to watch every single Read more […]

Did “The Good Wife” Get Crisis Communications Right?

It’s pretty much a known fact here at Affect that if it was on TV, I probably watched it. And, seeing that “The Good Wife” is easily one of the best dramas on TV right now, I certainly caught this past weekend’s episode, where in-house crisis communications director Eli Gold (played by Alan Cumming), hits the ground running on a scandal involving contaminated cheese (cue b-roll of kids sick after eating cheese at school.) In the past year, the technology industry has been no stranger to Read more […]