A Peek Inside a PR Office

Hi TechAffect readers! I’m Katie Koenig, Affect’s newest hire! I was asked to write this blog post to show all NYIP entrants, voters, friends and family a glimpse into our wonderful office. I am currently one of Affect’s PR & Social Media interns and have been here since September 2011. I have loved interning at Affect and am thrilled to continue on as a full time Assistant Account Executive starting this May. Read on to see what it’s like at the Affect office!

When you’re finally done dodging around fast paced New Yorkers on the street, you find the right address: 989 Avenue of the Americas. As you pull open the tall glass doors, you enter the well-lit lobby and are warmly greeted by our security guard Wilma. She directs you to the elevator that will take you up to the 6th floor.  Once the elevator opens up, you step right into a bright, chic office. Welcome to Affect!

Pat, the 2011 winner of The New York Intern Project and now an Assistant Account Executive, is usually the one to greet our guests. His bright smile and enthusiastic welcome will make you feel instantly comfortable in our office. You scan your surroundings and start to take it all in. The loud sounds of the traffic of Midtown, the amazing sunlight that fills the room, the constant clicking of computer keyboards. So this is what a PR firm in New York is like! You look to your right and you see a glass enclosed conference room. This is where all of our team meetings take place, which range from team lunches from Chipotle to weekly staff meetings. Here at Affect we are always trying to make our daily tasks more fun. A few weeks ago, this is where we had our staff meeting while simultaneously celebrating National Potato Chip Day!

When you look straight ahead, you see a smaller glass enclosed conference room. This is where Affect employees will have their weekly client calls, client team meetings, and brainstorm sessions. If you take a left out of the elevator, you’ll see our comfortable seating area with an extensive display of awards. Your eyes widen as you read the trophies: PR News Top Place To Work In PR, Inc. Magazine America’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies, Bulldog Reporter Small Agency Of The Year? This must be a fantastic place to work!

On the left side of the office you’ll encounter more work areas, offices, smiling faces, and the office kitchen. We work hard here at Affect, so sometimes you need that extra caffeine boost to get you going. You’ll always hear the coffee machine brewing around here!

Here at Affect, we love our beautiful office space as much as we love our jobs. The Affect Team is thrilled to pick our next rock star intern from The New York Intern Project. Keep racking up those votes, and this summer it could be YOU entering our home on the 6th floor!

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  1. Lauren

    This is a really good blog post. As a PR major, I know that students are always interested in knowing what agency life is really like and you really give us a firsthand feel here. Affect sounds like a really interesting and fun agency to work for, especially if you have team lunches from Chipotle!

    Lauren Cuervo
    Platform Online Magazine

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