99.9% of Reporters Love a Good Survey (And PR Pros Do Too)

While I clearly made that headline statistic up, in my experience the intent behind it couldn’t be more true: reporters love their data. As such, surveys can often be a treasure trove of high quality and interesting statistics  – but only if you do them right! Here’s my personal list of best practices for when… Continue reading

First Step in Overcoming Social Overload: Admit You Are Powerless Over Tech Advancements

Guest post from Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of PR News. During Internet Week in New York, I attended a presentation that drove home the point that communicators are overloaded with social media options and sinking under the weight of an endless flow of data. Up on the video screen a chart displayed dozens of interconnected logos—each… Continue reading

Social Media Crisis Response Times – How long do you have before the @#$% hits the fans?

Recently, we worked on a submission for a Social Media Crisis Guidebook that will be published in a few weeks. One of the issues we discussed in our chapter deals with the timeline of a social media crisis and how quickly companies need to respond. Before the advent of social media, a crisis situation typically… Continue reading

Recruiting Top Talent – Lessons Learned from NYIP

Another year, another successful New York Intern Project! The annual contest to find a top intern to join our team for the summer drew a large number of great applicants this year. After five weeks of public voting, a week of Skype interviews, and an intense day of in-person interviews and writing tests, the winner… Continue reading

Editorial vs. Advertising: Blurring the Lines

Over the last 10 years, the line between journalists and readers has grown significantly shorter. From blogging to commenting to online sharing, the swift rise of the Internet and social media has allowed the consumer to be the producer in a way that was never before possible. The line between editorial and advertising has also… Continue reading