Five Reasons Why I’m Not Using Facebook Advertising

I’m in agreement with 86% of marketers – Facebook is here to stay, and is a critical tool for communicating with your audiences (although, I believe that for consumer brands, the odds of realizing strong ROI are better). In fact, I’m surprised that the statistic from Ad Age wasn’t higher. Consumers are using Facebook for everything – to search for new products and brands, email and chat with their friends, document their daily lives, find jobs, make purchases….the list goes on and on.  It’s Read more […]

Startups: How to Motivate and Retain Entry-Level Employees

TechAffect readers, graduation season is upon us. Thousands of 20-somethings are trading in their Greek letters and late night library sessions for business attire and early morning wake up calls: the so-called “real world.” According to a recent survey conducted by, a measly 4% of 2012 college graduates are interested in working for startups. When I first saw that stat, I was immediately shocked. As we here at Affect work with a lot of thriving start-ups, when I hear the word Read more […]

Hey I Just Pitched You, and This is Crazy. I’ve Got Your Number, so Call You Maybe?

I recently attended a panel discussion of technology journalists from publications such as Engadget, DVICE, Men’s Fitness, ABC News and Maxim, and the conversation quickly turned to how the landscape of journalism is changing, which affects how we as PR professionals interact with different publications to secure coverage for our clients. Throughout the panel, I noticed that there seemed to be two “teams” forming based on their opinions: the younger journalists and the journalists who had been Read more […]

Media Relations 101: Veteran Tech Reporter Provides His Take on Subject Lines, Press Releases and The Constant Influx of “Bring Your Own Device” Pitches

When it comes to getting media relations right, there’s nothing like hearing best practices right from the reporter’s mouth. That’s why I recently sent a note to a technology reporter with 20 years’ experience (currently working for a well-known enterprise technology news site) asking him for his personal best practices when it comes to sending over a story idea for an article. Speaking to me on the condition of anonymity for this blog post, here’s how he opened his response: “Before Read more […]

@Sweden Lets Its Citizens Take Over and Bring Down Reputation of the Entire Country

There have been so many of these gaffes in Twitter’s short history that I am still surprised that organizations, or entire countries, are willing to allow a few individuals to permanently damage their reputation and image in the name of ‘democracy’ on social media. VisitSweden, a communications company that promotes the “brand of Sweden, Swedish destinations and experiences,” developed the idea behind Curators of Sweden to enable the official @Sweden twitter handle to be handed over to the people Read more […]

PR Lesson: How Poor Planning Can Add Fuel to the Fire

Both national and NY-based media went on an extended sugar high after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to ban the sale of sweetened drinks bigger than 16-ounces. As someone who tries to live a fairly healthy lifestyle, I can’t say that the idea of doing away with enormous sugar-filled drinks rubbed me the wrong way as much as Bloomberg’s poor planning did. Just hours after he proclaimed his anti-liquid sugar crusade, Bloomberg then offered his support for National Donut Day. Read more […]