How to Cultivate Client Relationships to Drive Success

This week, I attended the NY/IABC event, Mad Men vs. Crazy Clients, held at the Affect offices. The event’s panel provided attendees with an in-depth view of agency and corporate life in the communications industry. The fantastic panel featured impressive industry leaders: GE’s VP of Communications and Public Affairs, Gary Sheffer; president of Weber Shandwick, Andy Polansky; Korn/Ferry’s managing director, Richard Marshall; and moderator Valerie Di Maria, principal of the10company. During Read more […]

Never judge a book by its cover? A look at visual trends in media.

Shocking headlines are nothing new. In fact, they are often how we choose what media to consume and what stories to read. As PR professionals, we know that people are hit with thousands of messages through words and images every day. It is part of our job to get people to sort through those messages and consume our client’s brands. However, recently it seems that newspaper covers are getting more graphic and more grotesque, inappropriately so, and for what end? To increase sales. For example, Read more […]

10 Years, 10 Charities

Affect was founded in 2002 and this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! This achievement could only be accomplished through the hard work of our talented employees, loyal clients and supportive partners. In the past 10 years we have been extraordinarily blessed with all of our achievements and successes and now it’s our turn to give back. To celebrate this milestone, each team member nominated a charity that was important to them, and collectively we chose the top 10 listed here to Read more […]

Social Media Is Considered a Luxury for Most Politicians?

  Last week, I was speaking with a friend who works on the Hill about his general thoughts on social media and the Presidential election. We were discussing a lot of interesting points, however one point that stood out to me was when he noted that social media is considered a luxury to most people in politics. He continued to say that big campaigns (i.e., the Presidential campaign) are able to do social media effectively (whether this is true or not is an entirely different blog post!) Read more […]

Media Training Lessons from the Summer’s Newsmakers

Most of us begin this week with a begrudging goodbye to yet another summer.  Looking back at the season’s headlines (aside from the usual vacation, holiday and hurricane news), we saw stories that would make any public relations professional cringe. Here are three summer newsmakers and the PR lessons to learn from their lack of interview savvy. What Defines an Olympian? Hopefully Not His Interviewing Skills A highlight of the summer, the Olympics offered non-stop sports coverage and an Read more […]