Affect Runs a Crisis Simulation (And Why Your Organization Should Too)

The phone rings. It’s a journalist on deadline. She’s heard from a competitor that your company suffered a major data breach – and she’s writing about it within the next hour. What do you do next? Well, if you work at Affect, the next steps are simple. That’s because last week our entire team ran… Continue reading

Public Relations Defined: #PRis

As Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, it’s time to prepare some answers for the inevitable family interrogation that takes place during large gatherings. As PR pros, the most common question asked is “what exactly do you do, again?” A fresh approach to this question recently took place, asking PR pros to chime in with… Continue reading

Executive Blunders, Reputation Recon: Real-World Crisis Communications

Q: What do Lockheed Martin, the CIA and Waffle House have in common? A: Their leaders have all made headlines thanks to personal scandals. For most people, mistakes in one’s personal life don’t have long-term business repercussions. For a high-profile executive on the other hand, every move may be monitored by employees, clients and the… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing Disaster Recovery: #Sandy and Social Media

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time thinking about and using social media to deliver our clients’ messages to key audiences. But as superstorm Sandy ravaged the east coast last week, social media served the much more important purpose of delivering critical information before, during and after the storm to the people who… Continue reading

Pitching During #Sandy: What You Need to Know

This week has been difficult for many people on the East Coast due to the Sandy “superstorm.” Homes and business have seen destruction, people’s lives have been uprooted, and emergency workers are working 24/7 to get cities and towns across the coast back to a normal, working state. In the wake of the storm, it’s… Continue reading