Social Media Marketing Tools All Businesses Should Have

There are a ton of social media platforms out there with new platforms constantly being introduced. We all know the gratification that comes from finding a social media measurement, tracking, analytics, or aggregator tool that makes it easier to grow and know how you’re performing. Especially after the shut down of Google Reader, solid social media tools have become invaluable for PR and marketing professionals.

That’s why when I came across this article from Inc outlining eight of the best social media marketing tools, I knew I had to share. I know that Feedly, the third tool on the list, has helped me immensely in my day-to-day!

Check out the all of the tools on the list here:

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  1. Ivan Widjaya

    I have tried Mention but it does not seem to be returning anything for our company. Am I missing something here? It should track all the mentions of my brand right?

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