Tech Affect News Roundup

Happy Friday and welcome to Tech Affect’s “Friday News” round up for the week of February 17th. We have all of the biggest stories and top trending pieces in the world of public relations, social media and marketing from this week:

  1. Are you one of the 81% of small and medium-size businesses that are using social media?
    LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media
  2. Social media has added a whole new dimension to customer service, but are you doing it correctly?
    3 Tips For Effective #SocialMedia Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]
  3. TIME Online shared some great tips on how to protect yourself from online threats:
    6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Threats
  4. Happy Valentine’s day! Did you take a few moments to think about how love and PR go together? PRSSA did in this post:
    Top 5 Dating Clichés Applied to PR
  5. Klout recently rolled out a HUGE update. Whether you use it or not, it can be very helpful for your marketing strategy. MarketingProfs outlines how:
    How Klout Can Guide Your Online Marketing Strategy

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