5 Ways to Embrace Risk Successfully

As the media landscape continues to grow, we have to re-think how we manage risk. The 24-hour news cycle, digital media platforms and content development tools provide tons of opportunities for companies to increase their visibility, but they also present more risk than ever before.


Looking at risk as an opportunity can be challenging, but it can also be an essential component of success and long-term growth. Whether you work at an agency or handle PR in-house, here are 5 tips to embrace risk in a strategic way:

  1. Be Bold: Big wins often come with big risks. Be ready to step outside your comfort zone, get creative and seize new opportunities.
  2. Be Prepared: Planning is key. Having a good understanding of your (or your client’s) industry will make it much easier to take calculated risks and be prepared for any crisis scenarios.
  3. Be Strategic: Look beyond the project at hand and think strategically about where and when to convey certain stories – and don’t be afraid to put the breaks on something if the timing isn’t right. Develop unique content without putting your client or your company in harm’s way.
  4. Be Dynamic: Change is constant in PR. Being able to adapt to changes effectively depends on our ability to break from old habits. Don’t rely on one blueprint for everything you do – get comfortable adopting new approaches and techniques.
  5. Be Responsible: Being a risk-taker is not the same thing as going rogue. Sound risk-taking is about all of the above points, and ultimately about adopting a “take risk” mentality within the framework of responsible decision-making.

For more info and details on how to implement the top 5 tips, check out the full article on PR News.

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  1. Ivan Widjaya

    The technique is to be open to anything that may come your way and just adjust along the way. Problems will always come and it is up to you on how you are going to conquer them.

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