Earlier this week during Facebook’s developer conference, F8, the social media platform unveiled its latest products, developer tools and announcements. It was a lot to take in – announcements spanned from spherical video to the platform’s new ad exchange, LiveRail. One thing is very clear, Facebook continues to move quickly and find new ways to generate profit while engaging its users.


From Affect’s perspective the announcement most relevant to our work and clients is that Facebook is enabling users to upload video that can be shared across other sites. This may be a threat to YouTube in the future, but for now it’s just an important feature for all marketers creating video content to be aware of.


Here’s a few key points you should know:


  1. Your video content can now be hosted on Facebook: Prior to yesterday’s announcement if you wanted to embed a video on your corporate blog and also post it to Facebook – you had to upload it to each channel separately. Now you don’t have to. If you want, all of your videos can live on your Facebook page – and will be easily embedded on other channels.


  1. Embedding video from Facebook is as simple as it is from YouTube: It’s as easy as clicking the ’embed’ button and grabbing simple code in the same way as on YouTube.


  1. You need to know where your audience is: If you have an incredibly active and engaging Facebook page, you may want to consider hosting your videos there. If you don’t have a Facebook page, this feature alone is not a reason to launch one. Instead, continue to use YouTube.


Of course, videos vary in importance depending on your company and objectives. We don’t recommend leaving YouTube just yet – especially since YouTube is the dominating force for video consumption and a very critical part of search strategies. For now, consider experimenting with Facebook’s embed tool on an active page and syndicating it to other channels – then, compare outcomes to your YouTube results.


Let us know how you feel about the new feature in the comments below!

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