In a recent PRSSA event titled, “Managing Up: How to Be a Stand-Out Intern, or New Pro,” a panel of PR professionals shared key tips with aspiring PR professionals on how to get ahead as an entry-level employee.

Between the four panelists, their workplace experiences of managing full teams and client loads have provided the following insights for young PR stars entering the workforce:


Nothing is more encouraging to a supervisor than seeing a junior employee take initiative and anticipate challenges, such as when the employee completes or is already underway on a task before he or she is even asked. Learn to anticipate what tasks your superiors may need done and show them you’re willing to take on a challenge!


If you’re not certain about the details of an assignment, ask questions to the person who gave you the assignment. Get a clear picture of the task at hand before you dive into it to help you avoid mistakes and remember, there are no stupid questions. You’re starting your career, so asking questions is vital to your growth as a professional.


­As an entry-level employee, it is important to understand your role on a project, on the account team, and within your company as a whole. It is also vital to your career trajectory to know what your supervisors are looking to see you accomplish in your work. Have a conversation with your supervisor or team lead so you know where you stand and what standards you are expected to maintain in work quality.


Communication is particularly important in a highly deadline-driven field like PR. Communicate your schedule to your colleagues and superiors, and make sure that you are able to meet the deadlines assigned to you. Taking on a workload you’re not able to meet hurts the whole team, and being conscious of your schedule (and your supervisor’s schedule) will help you manage expectations and impress your colleagues with your organizational acumen.

By following these best practices and approaching work with an open and determined mentality, young PR professionals can look forward to a promising communications career.

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  1. Ivan

    Communication is key. It helps you resolve conflicts as well as get your point across. It is very important to exercise this in the office.

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