Social Media Trends Impacting Brands in 2016

2016 has seen the emergence of several new feature launches and naturally evolving behavioral changes. Recently, Forbes has compiled a list of 6 trends that are impacting the way brands use and interact on social channels.

  1. Corporations are seeing diminishing ROI as channels like Facebook are changing its newsfeed algorithms to prioritize user preferences for quality content
  2. Consumers prefer real-time content as mobile applications make social engagement readily available
  3. Users prioritize fewer, better posts (as on Instagram) over higher quantity of posts (as on Twitter)
  4. Channels are allowing for a diverse range of reactions to let users show more emotions
  5. Responses continue to get shorter and are often accompanied by visual content
  6. Channels are cracking down on clickbait, forcing companies to create organic and high-quality content

How is your company utilizing social today and what trends are you seeing?

For details on each trend, see the full piece here:

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