Hey Healthcare Brands – Want to Know a Secret (about Storytelling)?

Today’s PR pros face a target audience that is over-stimulated, disengaged and distracted. Brands, particularly in the crowded healthcare market, are challenged to connect with customers in a meaningful way. Every brand faces a unique set of challenges in crafting and maintaining its share of voice. While established brands must strive to maintain their voice in the midst of an evolving marketplace splintered by start-ups, those same start-ups are faced with a “David vs. Goliath” situation where they must compete with well-known, well-established brands.

Storytelling is the key to getting target audiences to pay attention, engage, and take action. Telling a memorable, emotionally compelling story about a brand, its mission or successes can help you better connect with new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones. It’s critical for communications executives to master the art of storytelling in order to influence their target audiences.

Join Affect at HBA’s Secrets of Storytelling: How to Create Meaningful Connections With Your Audience on November 9 and learn:

  • How to develop meaningful, authentic stories that will create memorable experiences for your target audience
  • How to use storytelling in a range of settings, including brand communications, internal communications, personal brand-building and the sales process
  • How to leverage various storytelling mediums to influence an action, from visual storytelling to written communications to body language

Affect’s Melissa Baratta, SVP and member of the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association, will be moderating this panel featuring storytelling experts from across the industry. Come mingle, network and learn storytelling secrets!

Click here to learn more and register. Hope to see you there.

Disclosure: Affect is a sponsor of this event. 

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  1. Ivan

    I think that storytelling is a very powerful way of selling on healthcare. I have seen people sell ebooks with it so why not more healthcare products?

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