How to Execute a Successful Social Media Contest

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When the PR Party is Over: Tips for Coping with Post-CES Depression

You had big dreams for your PR strategy at CES – and for good reason. Your product is awesome, your announcements were on-point, your CEO attended and his comments on the industry were unique, insightful and airtight. You even found extra budget for press events and the entire PR team was on the ground to pitch reporters at the show – they got you on-air with CNET on opening day! You were ready to take on the world – CES 2015 was your moment and no one could stop you! But your dreams quickly became Read more […]

Attracting & Engaging Audiences on Social Media

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How to Give an Engaging Skype Interview

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Creating an Army of Effective Social Media Ambassadors

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A Simple Guide to Twitter Analytics for PR Pros

A few weeks ago, Twitter opened up it’s analytics dashboard to everyone – making measurement a whole lot easier for content marketers. Twitter Analytics is a free tool that eliminates some of the guesswork and excruciating manual data analysis from measuring ROI for the platform. The dashboard gives you insight into how your Twitter content is performing, who your audience actually is and how much engagement you’ve generated. In short – it can help you determine whether you’ve reached Twitter Read more […]

Going Back to Basics: Tradeshow Must-Haves

Tradeshow season (my favorite season of all!) is upon us. It’s the time of year when snow melts, flowers bloom – and you struggle to calculate the wattage required to provide electricity to a dozen laptops and multiple LCD screens for your 10×20 booth space (side note: why do the power strips always need to be ordered separately – what is the sense in that?). It’s so easy to get caught up in furniture, floral, labor and Internet – you may overlook the things that won’t physically be sitting in the Read more […]

The Affect Team Weighs In: Media Manipulation, Fact Checking and HARO

Wednesday’s Forbes article had the PR industry buzzing about self-proclaimed media manipulator, Ryan Holiday. Ryan used the popular industry tool, HARO to secure media coverage for himself on topics that he was not qualified to comment on, ranging from office stories to record collections to winterizing boats. This resulted in his inclusion in high profile stories and publications, including The New York Times. Inevitably, the article sparked a debate about journalism in the digital age. Read more […]

Five Reasons Why I’m Not Using Facebook Advertising

I’m in agreement with 86% of marketers – Facebook is here to stay, and is a critical tool for communicating with your audiences (although, I believe that for consumer brands, the odds of realizing strong ROI are better). In fact, I’m surprised that the statistic from Ad Age wasn’t higher. Consumers are using Facebook for everything – to search for new products and brands, email and chat with their friends, document their daily lives, find jobs, make purchases….the list goes on and on.  It’s Read more […]