How I Got the Hit

Publication: U.S. News and World Report Article: Justin Bieber’s Arrest: Addicted to Wealth and Power? Client: Caron Treatment Centers Goal: The goal of the pitch was to dig deeper into Justin Bieber’s recent actions to offer commentary from our client Caron Treatment Centers, which is a nationally recognized nonprofit provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The angle we wanted to take with this pitch was how Justin Bieber’s latest actions may have been caused by something other Read more […]

Your Media Relations Checklist

A big portion of our day at Affect is focused on media outreach for our PR clients. Because we’re pitching so often, sometimes it’s beneficial to go back to the basics, evaluate your process and make sure you’re checking off all of your boxes. Here’s a checklist of everything you should ask yourself before hitting the send button to that reporter. Do I understand the timeliness of the piece/topic? Why should the reporter write about this today? If there’s another breaking news item Read more […]

Last Minute Tips for a Top Notch Entry – The New York Job Project

Every morning when I come into work, I look forward to logging on to see if we received any new entries for the The New York Job Project. The creativity, drive, and energy of this year’s contestants have been inspiring! I truly can’t wait to see who ends up taking the top six spots, the top three and eventually, who I will get to work with as a fellow employee. It’s anyone’s game at this point – all of the contestants are more than capable of winning this competition! Voting closes on Read more […]

A Fresh Start to the New Year: Learning from PR Disasters of 2012

Every year, a handful of PR slip-ups go down in history as PR disasters. Last month, Laura Stampler from Business Insider wrote about the cringe worthy PR disasters of 2012. While these situations have faded from the news cycle, they will always be an example of what not to do as a company or an agency. As Stampler puts it, “All it takes is a single employee’s bad tweet — like a Burger King staffer standing in a tub of lettuce — to send corporate headquarters into damage control mode.”As Read more […]

Opportunities Exist In Every Scandal: How Las Vegas Continues To Gamble and Win

Given the extensive global coverage of Prince Harry’s recent shenanigans, I don’t feel the need to detail out the complete scenario that unfolded last week at the Encore Wynn resort. However, examining the meticulous yet rapid PR production brought forth by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority is worth reviewing in great detail. Below is an overview of how the scandal has impacted these brands: Celebrity Guest Stays for Free: Encore Wynn Comps Harry’s Room Owners of Encore Read more […]

A Peek Inside a PR Office

Hi TechAffect readers! I’m Katie Koenig, Affect’s newest hire! I was asked to write this blog post to show all NYIP entrants, voters, friends and family a glimpse into our wonderful office. I am currently one of Affect’s PR & Social Media interns and have been here since September 2011. I have loved interning at Affect and am thrilled to continue on as a full time Assistant Account Executive starting this May. Read on to see what it’s like at the Affect office! When you’re finally Read more […]