Keeping Employees Motivated: A Checklist

Organizations often have the misconception that “one size fits all” when it comes to keeping their entire staff motivated. However, all employees, whether entry, mid or senior-level, require different tactics for staying motivated and feeling appreciated. No matter what the method of choice is, it’s critical that it drives the individual and shows concern for their staff. Just remember, everyone has one common goal: achieving success. That said, it’s imperative for an organization to take Read more […]

Taking Time to Think – a No Brainer

I recently read an interesting article about how taking time to think can make you a better leader. Now I know a lot of you are going to think this is obvious and something we do automatically.  However, I have found that as our jobs become routine and more and more based on instinct, we rarely schedule time to think creatively or challenge our thought process.  This article emphasizes the importance of scheduling this time and taking it, guilt free. With calendars being overbooked and many Read more […]

A Different Look at San Diego Comic-Con

As a self-proclaimed comic and video game geek, this past weekend gave me the opportunity to completely embrace that side of my personality – San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).  I know the images that appear in many people’s minds when they hear about Comic-Con; people dressed up in odd costumes, rabid fans trying to get in front of their favorite writers or stars, and even some violence this year.   Although I did take the opportunity to geek out, the PR/marketing pro in me never left and neither Read more […]

Using the New Microsoft Tags for PR

By now most of you have seen these funny looking, multi-colored tags adorning posters, magazine advertisements and other collateral. Consumers just need to download the application onto their Blackberry, iPhone or other smartphones and scan the tag.  Once the tag is recognized by your phone, it will automatically bring you to the linked website, display a message or dial a phone number.  These barcodes are even customizable, so you can create your own for business cards, flyers, etc. – the list Read more […]

Agency vs. In-house PR: Choosing the path that is right for you

During the current economic decline, most professionals and students looking for jobs do not have the luxury to be picky about where they apply or what positions they accept. However, it is still important to find a job that suits your skill set and personality.  For PR professionals, that usually means choosing between agency life and in-house communications departments. I recently attended a panel discussion at the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society about how to choose between working Read more […]

Managing to Leading: Making the Transition

In most PR agencies, there are many different levels of management.  Account executives might manage assistant account executives; senior account supervisors might manage account supervisors – but when should managing switch to leading and what is the difference? Managers and leaders have similar skill sets.  For each, a thorough understanding of the work at hand and the processes involved must come first.  However, the one major difference between managers and leaders is their line of sight.  Read more […]