How to Improve and Enhance Your Online Reputation

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Using Google Trends for Communications Initiatives

Around this time of year, Google releases its annual “Year in Search” that showcases what people around the world were searching for online. It’s a cool way to see how events, news stories, people and pretty much anything else that you would Google trend across the globe. While it’s great to see this information at the end of the year, as a communications professional that shouldn’t be the only time you look at Google Trends. Google Trends shows how popular a given topic is by the volume Read more […]

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Senior Account Supervisor Steven Melfi lays out a step-by-step guide for gathering the most valuable information from a social media audit. For a more in-depth look at managing an audit, check out his blog post here. [ canada viagra generic | how long does viagra last | viagra overnight | is viagra safe for women | herbal risk viagra | united healthcare viagra | similar cialis | buy cialis doctor online | pink viagra | generic omnigen viagra | buy cheap viagra online uk | add buy online url viagra | viagra effects on the penis | viagra injectable | zip viagra | viagra side effects | free viagra in the uk | viagra with no prescription | herbal v viagra study | viagra injectable | viagra tablet weight | viagra affects on women | alternative viagra external | mexico pharmacy cialis | viagra sale | buy low price viagra | bad side effects of viagra | viagra canadian pharmacy dosage | cialis diarrhea | viagra canda | how can i make homemade viagra | uk deals cheap viagra | cialis online canada | adverse side effects of viagra | best prices on viagra | next day viagra | viagra dosages | 5 mg original brand cialis | cialis canadian cost | viagra generic | best way to use cialis | viagra canada | discount cialis | buy viagra online | viagra stores | what better viagra or cialis | viagra online pharmacy usa | viagra cookies | viagra pills | viagra good morning | viagra sale | when was viagra discovered | adverse side effects of viagra | viagra samples ]

90 Seconds to PR Success – Affect’s New Video Series Launches Today!

Today is a big day at the Affect office. After weeks of filming, editing and filming some more, we’re excited to launch our new video series, “90 Seconds to PR Success.” We know it’s difficult to find time during the day to learn new skills and expand upon your communications arsenal. That’s why we created “90 Seconds to PR Success.” In under a minute and a half, you’ll be able to learn new techniques or brush up on your communications strategies.

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How to Create a Smart Social Policy

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