When the PR Party is Over: Tips for Coping with Post-CES Depression

You had big dreams for your PR strategy at CES – and for good reason. Your product is awesome, your announcements were on-point, your CEO attended and his comments on the industry were unique, insightful and airtight. You even found extra budget for press events and the entire PR team was on the ground to pitch reporters at the show – they got you on-air with CNET on opening day! You were ready to take on the world – CES 2015 was your moment and no one could stop you! But your dreams quickly became Read more […]

New Years Resolution – Empowering Your Clients

Many public relations professionals are focused on the day-to-day within the agency – securing coverage, setting strategy, developing relationships with reporters, metrics, etc. While all of this is critical, it is equally important to remember to invest and nurture the team’s relationship with the client contact, whether it’s the Marketing Manager, the PR Director, or the head of Corporate Communications. In a new post for PR News, Anu Kher, Senior Account Executive at Affect, writes: “To Read more […]

A Simple Guide to Twitter Analytics for PR Pros

A few weeks ago, Twitter opened up it’s analytics dashboard to everyone – making measurement a whole lot easier for content marketers. Twitter Analytics is a free tool that eliminates some of the guesswork and excruciating manual data analysis from measuring ROI for the platform. The dashboard gives you insight into how your Twitter content is performing, who your audience actually is and how much engagement you’ve generated. In short – it can help you determine whether you’ve reached Twitter Read more […]

Breaking Through the Noise: Using Event Insights to Generate Coverage

One of the questions we frequently get from clients is: How can we get press around industry events? The answer often depends on a variety of factors, including: The event type – Is this a major conference, or a smaller, more intimate event? The people – Will the Apples and Googles of the world be there? Is media attending and are they taking meetings? How many people and/or companies will be there? The spend – Did you secure booth space, or are you flying solo? Are you a sponsor, or Read more […]

Avoiding the Perils of Real-Time Marketing

The power of social media is, in part, the ability to capture and share information in real-time. For many brands this means using real-time marketing (RTM) tactics – on-the-fly participation in the events, topics, and ideas trending among target audiences online at a given moment– to make an impact and produce immediate results. The catch? It’s only effective if the content is contextually relevant, creative and timely. Some campaigns, like the Oreo dunk in the dark tweet, have shown that RTM Read more […]

What it Means to Know Your Audience: Six Questions for Successful Content Marketing

The imperative to “know your audience” is often cited as the first rule of content marketing, and with good reason. A sound understanding of your audience can inform every aspect of your content strategy, from development to distribution. But what does it really mean to “know your audience?” More importantly, what are specific ways to get to know your audience in order to maximize the results of your content marketing efforts? The answers lie in asking these six familiar questions from Read more […]

5 Ways to Embrace Risk Successfully

As the media landscape continues to grow, we have to re-think how we manage risk. The 24-hour news cycle, digital media platforms and content development tools provide tons of opportunities for companies to increase their visibility, but they also present more risk than ever before. Looking at risk as an opportunity can be challenging, but it can also be an essential component of success and long-term growth. Whether you work at an agency or handle PR in-house, here are 5 tips to embrace Read more […]

Taking Creative Leaps in Visual Storytelling

Tips for Using Images to Connect With Your Audience We’ve always known the strength of visuals in telling compelling stories. What we’re quickly seeing is that customers are responding to visual content more than text on social media. For example, on Facebook photos are liked two times more than test and 42 percent of all Tumblr posts are photos, according to research from M Booth and Simply Measured. The battle for engagement with current and potential customers on social media is growing and Read more […]

Pin to Win: The Best Pinterest Practices for your Brand

It goes without saying that there are a multitude of platforms that companies have the option of leveraging to expand their social reach. Nowadays, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are so customary that marketers need to think outside the box when strategizing on which social tools they can use to get their message out. Pinterest, in particular, provides an opportunity to engage current and potential customers in a manner that is completely unique from its more populated brethren. Make no mistake, Read more […]

Journalists are “Getting the Picture”

The shift toward visual and graphic digital content is a trend that shows no signs of reversal. Case in point: All Things D reported that in August of this year, smartphone users spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter for the first time since Instagram launched in 2010. Contributing to the trend is the capacity to discuss print images via social media; for instance, consider the volume of online commentary generated by the recently published New York Post cover image of a man pushed onto the Read more […]