3 Ways to Keep Your Communications Plan Hot

With summer officially upon us, many companies tend to lay off the pedal when it comes to marketing and communications. It can be tough with a rotating schedule of vacations, holidays, and early release days to keep that marketing plan running at full throttle – but summer is actually one of the best times to engage your target audience. Just because customers or prospects are on vacation doesn’t mean they aren’t checking social media or reading the news. Here are three things you can do to Read more […]

Media Training 101: Lessons from the Campaign Trail

We’re nearing the end of the 2012 election season, and it’s been quite the race so far. From political scientists to journalists to the mom next door, everyone seems to have a different opinion on how well the candidates are representing themselves and getting their messages across. The last few presidential debates in particular have had traditional and social media abuzz: Were the candidates successful in remembering their media training lessons? Was Joe Biden’s incessant chuckling a tactic Read more […]

Top PR Stories: What You Need to Know This Week

In public relations we are constantly monitoring news relating to our clients that we sometimes forget to keep up on our own industry. In order to help you with your weekly dose of industry news, I’ve included this week’s top PR articles below. 1. What SOPA Means for PR Professionals (Ragan’s PR Daily) SOPA was a major industry topic this week, with a large amount of websites, including Wikipedia, protesting the act. It’s interesting to see how this act influences public relations. Read more […]

Ads Get Social On Google+

Since the creation of social networks, advertisers have wanted new ways that would allow users to share advertisements with their networks. Finally, advertisers have the tool that allows users to share the ads with members of their community, directly. Well, that is the community on Google+ anyways. Announcing via its AdSense blog, Google has launched an ad version that includes the “+1” tool, now synonymous with Google+. Google+ users can click the “+1” on the ad to share the advertisement Read more […]

Plus One: Google+ Adds Another Space for Brand Monitoring

Google+ made a splash a couple weeks ago, when it launched in private beta, providing marketers and PR professionals another social media venue to study and decide how to use it for sales purposes. While brands can’t create presences on Google+ yet, there are already plans to build Facebook-like brand pages. Once that happens, there’s no doubt brands will be ready to jump into the fray and interact with a new community of people. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the Plus yet, imagine Read more […]

Journalists and PR People – Can Social Media Help Us All Just Get Along?

For the past few years, we’ve seen journalists and bloggers alike heatedly discuss the concept of the “death of the press release.” Tom Foremski famously wrote about it back in 2006, calling the press release “nearly useless.” Since 2006, neither the media’s appetite for this topic or the press release itself has died. Clearly, the death of the press release mantra represents the media’s frustrations with the PR profession The PR pro-journalist relationship remains one of the most Read more […]

Promote Your Social Self: Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Creating a social media presence is not the end of the process for engagement. Even if you build a profile, no one will friend you, no one will fan you. There are many posts (including in this blog) that discuss successful social media engagement. However, this post offers some quick marketing tips to promote your social media Page or Profile. No-cost/low cost promotion: Add URLs to email signature Add URLs to home page of your website to invite people to join and learn more Add Read more […]

Is Print Dying?

Just last week I read the FORTUNE magazine (Jan issue) interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his sentiments on the newspaper industry, wishing he could rescue it, and declaring his passion and want for this industry to survive! In answer to the question: What if the newspaper industry does go down? said, “To me this presents a real tragedy in the sense that journalism is a central part of democracy…” I was agreeing with his sentiments… Then just yesterday, Spencer Spinnell, director Read more […]

Takeaways from the Real-Time Communications Conference

Yesterday the Affect team sponsored and attended the Real-Time Communications Conference in NYC put together by the Business Development Institute (BDI) I thought it was a great gathering: The keynote speaker was Ray Kerins, VP Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. The panel that followed was moderated by Melanie Milstein, author of Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution with Dave Armon, President PR Newswire, David Sacks, Founder of Yammer, Paul Gennaro, Chief Communication Officer, AECOM, Morgan Read more […]