Grow Your Social Media Impact

Social media is well past its infancy but it is still easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options available. From blogs to social networking sites, podcasts to multimedia, the possibilities are endless. In order to optimize the results of social media efforts for your company, it is important to send the right messages, to the right audience, through the right channel. This can be challenging and requires continuous upkeep. As a social media and PR agency, Affect has helped develop and Read more […]

Media Training 101: Lessons from the Campaign Trail

We’re nearing the end of the 2012 election season, and it’s been quite the race so far. From political scientists to journalists to the mom next door, everyone seems to have a different opinion on how well the candidates are representing themselves and getting their messages across. The last few presidential debates in particular have had traditional and social media abuzz: Were the candidates successful in remembering their media training lessons? Was Joe Biden’s incessant chuckling a tactic Read more […]

Social Media Behavior Is Starting to Shift

I love attending Social Media Week events and panels because they expose and engage their audiences to new thoughts and behaviors online. Last week The New York Times, “What Happens when Everything is Social” surpassed my expectations and shed some serious light on perceptions and shifts journalists are currently experiencing within social media. Shift #1: Only sharing with yourself? More and more people will start leveraging social media to share personal life events with only themselves. Read more […]

Journalists: Where’s the Social Media Tips for PR Pros?

Every once in awhile, media companies pull down the shades and give tips to public relation professionals on how to pitch their journalists. Lets face it; PR folks love this because it gives us an opportunity to refresh our strategy with the outlet. And this refresh can lead to new hits for our clients. What’s not to love about that? PR Newser recently refreshed their tips, which range from updating your media list to telling your clients “No” when pitching to certain outlets, if the pitch Read more […]

New York Intern Project LinkedIn Group Page is Live!

When we launched the New York Intern Project back in February, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew we had a great strategy, plus a great platform and partner with Strutta, an interactive promotions company offering an intuitive contest builder that enables businesses to manage fully branded online contests. But it was impossible to fully predict how students and potential interns would react. Well, our concerns were not needed, as it was an overwhelming success with nearly 100 entries Read more […]

Internet Week 2011: A PR/Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar….

With Internet Week 2011 winding down in New York City, we wanted to ask someone who saw about as much as of the week’s festivities as one person could. Here’s what you missed, and what you need to know about this year’s Internet Week from guest Stephanie Grayson, an experienced communications professional and friend of Affect’s. A PR or Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar…. No, it’s not necessarily a joke that requires a fill-in-the-blank answer. There were Read more […]

New LinkedIn Plugins for Companies to Use Now

LinkedIn has been on a blistering pace in the past year with a bunch of new updates. Recently, the professional networking site did it again, offering a new set of plugins for use by companies. It’s as if they’re preparing for something big. But many of these new plugins have added features that give users similar capabilities that Twitter and Facebook have offered for some time. While none of these new plugins reinvent the wheel, companies should look to implement some of these tools because Read more […]

Journalists and PR People – Can Social Media Help Us All Just Get Along?

For the past few years, we’ve seen journalists and bloggers alike heatedly discuss the concept of the “death of the press release.” Tom Foremski famously wrote about it back in 2006, calling the press release “nearly useless.” Since 2006, neither the media’s appetite for this topic or the press release itself has died. Clearly, the death of the press release mantra represents the media’s frustrations with the PR profession The PR pro-journalist relationship remains one of the most Read more […]

Online Community Building: Start with a Solid Foundation

We often talk about social media and community engagement, but don’t always separate the two. It is important to understand the distinction between social media and community as well as how they complement one another within a social strategy. Social media tools and technology can help to cultivate a community or provide online locations where communities can exist and grow. The execution of social media strategy can achieve deeper levels of success and engagement due to the presence of a Read more […]

The Social Media Success Series from Affect

Following the popularity of our Social Media Six-Pack earlier this year, the Affect team is excited to officially release the Social Media Successes Series- a compilation of top tip sheets on best practices and effective strategies for businesses engaging in social media. Each of these tip sheets focuses on a different social media platform or topic, offering strategies and tactics to help businesses leverage social media in order to boost their online presence, connect with target markets and Read more […]