Five Steps to Spring Clean Your Marketing Plan

It’s mid-April. The sun is shining, the air is warmer – it’s time for iced coffee, lighter jackets and a good airing out of the home and office after being cooped up all winter. It’s also a good time to take a look at your marketing plan to see how it’s going so far in 2015. Dust off any cobwebs, add some shine and generally give it a good cleaning before we enter the summer months when half your team (and clients/customers) go out on vacation. Here are five ways to refresh your marketing Read more […]

Breaking Through the Noise: Using Event Insights to Generate Coverage

One of the questions we frequently get from clients is: How can we get press around industry events? The answer often depends on a variety of factors, including: The event type – Is this a major conference, or a smaller, more intimate event? The people – Will the Apples and Googles of the world be there? Is media attending and are they taking meetings? How many people and/or companies will be there? The spend – Did you secure booth space, or are you flying solo? Are you a sponsor, or Read more […]

Avoiding the Perils of Real-Time Marketing

The power of social media is, in part, the ability to capture and share information in real-time. For many brands this means using real-time marketing (RTM) tactics – on-the-fly participation in the events, topics, and ideas trending among target audiences online at a given moment– to make an impact and produce immediate results. The catch? It’s only effective if the content is contextually relevant, creative and timely. Some campaigns, like the Oreo dunk in the dark tweet, have shown that RTM Read more […]

How I Got the Hit

The Hit: Publication: Direct Marketing News Article: (In)direct Response Client: Rebecca Tann, VP of Marketing, Regus Goal: The goal of the campaign was to establish our client, Rebecca Tann, as a thought-leader in the marketing and advertising vertical. We aimed to accomplish this through proactive media relations with trade and top-tier industry publications, thought-leadership speaking opportunities and social media recognition. Strategy & Tactics: I came across a media Read more […]

Harnessing The Power Of Storytelling

As an Integrated Marketing graduate student at NYU, I am currently taking a Brand Strategy course. We had a great reading the other day on harnessing the power of storytelling and thought it was definitely worth sharing. The reading was an excerpt from The Dragonfly Effect, by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith. While the focus was on social media, I couldn’t help but think how applicable the points were for public relations as well. Struggling with writing an awesome pitch, or even a catchy subject Read more […]

3 Questions to Ask – and Answer – for Measurable Social Media

Everyone wants to know exactly how to measure social media results. There are a number of ways, but here we have asked Shonali Burke, who specializes in this exact conversation, to explain what companies should be discussing when they’re talking social media measurement. When it comes to talking about the efficacy of investing resources in social media, one of the popular comebacks that has made more than its fair share of rounds is, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” Personally, I Read more […]

Cleaning Up A Mess: What PR and Marketing Professionals Can Learn from Netflix

The Netflix change in service fiasco continues to unfold this week. On Monday, the company revealed to investors the loss of 800,000 subscribers over the course of an already dismal quarter that involved a widely unpopular price increase and a failed plan to split its DVD and streaming services into two. Not surprisingly, stocks plummeted. So now is an opportune time for those of us in the industry to consider, what can Netflix do and what can we learn from the situation? Here I’ve laid Read more […]

Ads Get Social On Google+

Since the creation of social networks, advertisers have wanted new ways that would allow users to share advertisements with their networks. Finally, advertisers have the tool that allows users to share the ads with members of their community, directly. Well, that is the community on Google+ anyways. Announcing via its AdSense blog, Google has launched an ad version that includes the “+1” tool, now synonymous with Google+. Google+ users can click the “+1” on the ad to share the advertisement Read more […]

Wedding Planning, Vendor Management and the Art of the Follow-up

When I got engaged a few months ago, I promised myself that I would not turn into the type of person that blogs the experience. In fact, if I remember correctly – I might have made a few snide comments about people who turn their lives into one big rollicking frolicking wedding planning machine. I may have even swore that I would never torture my colleagues with the details of my wedding (colors, flowers, cake toppers…oh my). And yet, here I am. My excuse for this post is that as a marketing and PR Read more […]