The Reporter Said “Yes,” Now What?

It’s exhilarating – getting that coveted “Yes, let’s learn more” response from a reporter you’ve spent time researching, crafting the perfect pitch to and diligently following up with. While it may seem that getting the “Yes” is the ultimate end goal, the reality is that the real work has just begun. The same care and effort put into hooking the reporter must now go into coordinating the opportunity and landing the coverage. Here are some key tips to follow to ensure you get the best results. Communicate Read more […]

Choosing Your Company’s Spokesperson: Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket

There has been a lot of uproar in the news recently regarding brand spokespeople gone wrong, from Subway spokesman Jared Fogel’s indictment on criminal charges to other major cases over the past decade. For example, you might remember Kellogg’s dropping Michael Phelps for smoking marijuana, or Smithfield Foods and The Food Network dropping Paula Deen for publicly vocalizing racist slurs. With these instances in mind, it seems that the margin of human error is high risk and brands should be cautious Read more […]

A How-To PR Guide for Navigating RSA

The internationally renowned RSA Conference is considered the world’s largest information security event, attracting nearly 30,000 attendees every year and featuring everyone from major industry players to startups. The content that comes out of RSA is more valuable and attainable than ever before, given today’s evolving cyber threat landscape in our digitally connected world. This year the conference is making its way over to San Francisco on April 20th. From a PR perspective, one of the Read more […]

When the PR Party is Over: Tips for Coping with Post-CES Depression

You had big dreams for your PR strategy at CES – and for good reason. Your product is awesome, your announcements were on-point, your CEO attended and his comments on the industry were unique, insightful and airtight. You even found extra budget for press events and the entire PR team was on the ground to pitch reporters at the show – they got you on-air with CNET on opening day! You were ready to take on the world – CES 2015 was your moment and no one could stop you! But your dreams quickly became Read more […]

How to Build Lasting Relationships with the Media

Even after several years in the PR industry, I still enjoy “meet the press” events. These events are great opportunities to meet journalists and learn more about how your clients potentially align with the topics they cover. Most importantly, they provide critical information on how specific reporters prefer to work with PR practitioners. I recently attended a media luncheon hosted by the Publicity Club of New York, and came back with substantial insight from a handful of reporters at top-tier Read more […]

Affect President Explains the Executive Apology in PR News

Here’s a brief excerpt from Sandra Fathi’s article in PR News… Whether they run a company of five or 500, what keeps most CEOs up at night is fear that a problem will become a crisis or already is. It doesn’t matter if the issue of the day is a single error or a national one, to mitigate a full-blown crisis, corporate executives must have a well thought out communications plan, and part of that plan should focus on how to react when a mistake occurs. Even the most seasoned executive can rely Read more […]

Executive Blunders, Reputation Recon: Real-World Crisis Communications

Q: What do Lockheed Martin, the CIA and Waffle House have in common? A: Their leaders have all made headlines thanks to personal scandals. For most people, mistakes in one’s personal life don’t have long-term business repercussions. For a high-profile executive on the other hand, every move may be monitored by employees, clients and the media. One mistake can significantly impact his (or her) reputation as well as the stability of the company. What would you do if your CEO had a public Read more […]

Cultivating Company Spokespeople: 5 Steps That Will Yield Your Best Spokesperson Group Yet

Raise your hand if this has happened to you: you have a great media opportunity secured, but can’t for the life of you get someone at your company on the phone with the reporter. Your spokesperson matrix? It’s empty. A reporter calls looking for a subject matter expert? Everyone’s too busy to make time for the interview. You want to hold a media training…. But have no idea who to invite. You’re not alone! Here are five steps to growing a thriving spokesperson program, making Read more […]

Pitching 101: The Basics Every PR Newbie Should Know

When first starting out in PR, pitching stories for clients can be nerve-racking. When my account supervisor gave me my first assignment, I was excited but also nervous. Finally, I was given the chance to contribute to the coverage I monitored for on a daily basis, but I didn’t want to mess up. What if I couldn’t produce any results? What if I said the wrong thing to the reporter? What if I ended up on the Bad Pitch Blog? Sure, if I were pitching a new Apple product launch it would seem like Read more […]

Did “The Good Wife” Get Crisis Communications Right?

It’s pretty much a known fact here at Affect that if it was on TV, I probably watched it. And, seeing that “The Good Wife” is easily one of the best dramas on TV right now, I certainly caught this past weekend’s episode, where in-house crisis communications director Eli Gold (played by Alan Cumming), hits the ground running on a scandal involving contaminated cheese (cue b-roll of kids sick after eating cheese at school.) In the past year, the technology industry has been no stranger to Read more […]