Keeping Employees Motivated: A Checklist

Organizations often have the misconception that “one size fits all” when it comes to keeping their entire staff motivated. However, all employees, whether entry, mid or senior-level, require different tactics for staying motivated and feeling appreciated. No matter what the method of choice is, it’s critical that it drives the individual and shows concern for their staff. Just remember, everyone has one common goal: achieving success. That said, it’s imperative for an organization to take Read more […]

Last Minute Tips for a Top Notch Entry – The New York Job Project

Every morning when I come into work, I look forward to logging on to see if we received any new entries for the The New York Job Project. The creativity, drive, and energy of this year’s contestants have been inspiring! I truly can’t wait to see who ends up taking the top six spots, the top three and eventually, who I will get to work with as a fellow employee. It’s anyone’s game at this point – all of the contestants are more than capable of winning this competition! Voting closes on Read more […]

Startups: How to Motivate and Retain Entry-Level Employees

TechAffect readers, graduation season is upon us. Thousands of 20-somethings are trading in their Greek letters and late night library sessions for business attire and early morning wake up calls: the so-called “real world.” According to a recent survey conducted by, a measly 4% of 2012 college graduates are interested in working for startups. When I first saw that stat, I was immediately shocked. As we here at Affect work with a lot of thriving start-ups, when I hear the word Read more […]

New York Intern Project: Play to Win

Lately, one of my biggest pleasures every morning has been to log into The New York Intern Projectto read the latest entries – so far I’ve seen some really fantastic and creative entries and I’m really impressed with the way the contest entrants have used social media to promote themselves and collect votes.  You guys are so smart and talented! If you’re still on the fence about entering or worrying about how to craft the perfect entry, I wanted to give you some tips (straight from a judge’s mouth) Read more […]

Employment was in the Stars

For my birthday in April, my mom contacted her astrologer and had her read my solar return. I’m not normally into horoscopes and star charts, but I figured if nothing else it would be entertaining. During the reading, she made one prediction that stood out to me in particular. I was going to get an internship or part-time job for the summer, and as a result of my work over the summer, someone would notice my work ethic and hire me full-time for the fall. Well guess what? As of September 1, this Read more […]

Big Team, Little Me – My Internship With a Group

“Big TEAM, little me.” The baseball team at my high school always chanted this mantra to remind themselves that the accomplishments of the whole group were more important than any one person’s individual achievements. It’s catchy, right? Who knew that it could be applied outside of the sports world? At Affect, people are assigned to different accounts and work together on their tasks as a team to produce incredible results for our clients. At the staff meeting this morning, I watched as Read more […]

No Such Thing as a “Syllabus Week” in a PR Internship

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham has started at Affect! He’ll be detailing his summer in the city right here. First up, Pat explains how internships don’t quite follow a syllabus. The first week of classes in college is typically known as “Syllabus Week.” Professors hand out the most important document for the class which outlines learning expectations, the books that need to be purchased, homework assignments, and dates of exams. Nothing is really taught or learned during those first Read more […]

New York Intern Project Winner Pat Gotham Talks Contest

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham discusses the contest, including the experience and the thrill of winning. See you in New York City! “So, Pat, what are your plans after you graduate?” “I’m moving to New York City to intern at a PR agency.” “What!? You got the internship?! That’s so awesome! I voted for you by the way!” It feels great to have this conversation multiple times each day, but the road getting here wasn’t easy. If any of the readers have entered Read more […]

The New York Intern Project is LIVE!

Today, we’ve got some exciting news for college students out there looking for a fantastic summer internship in New York City. Affect Strategies and Strutta, have launched The New York Intern Project, a contest to find our next summer intern! Working with Strutta, an interactive promotions company offering an intuitive contest builder that enables businesses to manage fully branded online contests, we are calling for all applicants to get creative, think big and use social media to land a sweet Read more […]

Five Takeaways from My First Year of Agency Life

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost eight months since I started full time as an assistant account executive at Affect Strategies. Having only graduated this past May, I have not only learned a tremendous amount about PR and marketing, but have experienced the fast-paced and dynamic environment of an agency. Now, days into my new role as an account executive, I look back at some of the key lessons I have learned in my first year working at an agency: Maintain an Read more […]