Using Google Trends for Communications Initiatives

Around this time of year, Google releases its annual “Year in Search” that showcases what people around the world were searching for online. It’s a cool way to see how events, news stories, people and pretty much anything else that you would Google trend across the globe. While it’s great to see this information at the end of the year, as a communications professional that shouldn’t be the only time you look at Google Trends. Google Trends shows how popular a given topic is by the volume Read more […]

A Simple Guide to Twitter Analytics for PR Pros

A few weeks ago, Twitter opened up it’s analytics dashboard to everyone – making measurement a whole lot easier for content marketers. Twitter Analytics is a free tool that eliminates some of the guesswork and excruciating manual data analysis from measuring ROI for the platform. The dashboard gives you insight into how your Twitter content is performing, who your audience actually is and how much engagement you’ve generated. In short – it can help you determine whether you’ve reached Twitter Read more […]

Using Data to Drive Media Relations: 7 Tips for Success

In a culture where data is pervasive, numbers and statistics can be an especially compelling way to tell a story. Though it should be no surprise that communications professionals are more at home working with language than deciphering algorithms, when it comes to using data to build a successful media relations campaign, you don’t need an army of data scientists, statisticians and analysts to get the job done. In this post, we focus on seven tips that will help you put different types of data Read more […]

Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit

In order to build an effective social media program, it is imperative that you do your research first. Social media audits play a critical role in developing strategy as well as assessing the performance of your organization’s use of social media. Before launching into an audit, it’s important to establish a set of questions you are trying to answer. These may include: What is the public saying about my company? How are we using our social channels? How effective are our ideas and content? How Read more […]

Data-Driven Headlines

Like it or not, big data has taken over all facets of our professional and private lives. Every industry sector has seen and embraced the power of data to aid in decision-making and validate strategies. If you’re a PR professional you may be asking how you can harness this data to generate results for your clients – a tough question since its value can be elusive and headlines can come without big data. Our team looked at different types of data (i.e. proprietary, commissioned and curated) Read more […]