The Facebook Journalism Project: What it Means for PR Pros

Since the 2016 presidential election, Facebook has taken some real heat for the proliferation of fake news – frankly, that it wasn’t doing enough to stop it or acknowledging its damage and repercussions. I couldn’t help but agree – as a PR pro – it’s easy for me to separate reliable outlets, sources and journalists from garbage, but sadly, I’ve watched fake news spread like wildfire – even within my own personal network of family and friends. Last week, Facebook announced the Facebook Journalism Read more […]

Google Analytics for PR Pros: 4 Things You Should Know

Whether you are gathering website data for your own firm or a client, understanding what the information you are collecting means and how it can translated into actionable business intelligence is crucial in making sound recommendations for your communications strategy. When it comes to tools for learning more about your website’s performance, none are more ubiquitous or important than Google Analytics, with its vast data segments that can be pulled and analyzed. Google Analytics is especially Read more […]

5 Ways to Embrace Risk Successfully

As the media landscape continues to grow, we have to re-think how we manage risk. The 24-hour news cycle, digital media platforms and content development tools provide tons of opportunities for companies to increase their visibility, but they also present more risk than ever before. Looking at risk as an opportunity can be challenging, but it can also be an essential component of success and long-term growth. Whether you work at an agency or handle PR in-house, here are 5 tips to embrace Read more […]

Tech Affect News Roundup

Happy Friday and welcome to Tech Affect’s “Friday News” round up for the week of February 17th. We have all of the biggest stories and top trending pieces in the world of public relations, social media and marketing from this week: Are you one of the 81% of small and medium-size businesses that are using social media? “LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media” Social media has added a whole new dimension to customer service, but are you doing it correctly? “3 Read more […]


Happy Friday and welcome to Tech Affect’s “Friday News” round up for the week of February 3rd. We have all of the biggest stories and top trending pieces in the world of public relations, social media and marketing from this week: CVS took a HUGE gamble and decided to ban cigarette sales from their stores; was the revenue loss worth the PR gain? Ragan Health explores: “In ending cigarette sales, CVS risks revenue loss for PR gain” Are you planning on tweeting during your lunch break? Read more […]

2014 Trend Watch: Social Customer Service

Is the move towards providing customer service via social media – otherwise known as ‘social customer service’ – a trend that your organization is watching? If not, it should be, and here are a few reasons why. We know that consumer expectations for customer service are rapidly evolving. Whether you run an airline or a technology company or a bakery, businesses today are expected to be present and available on social media 24/7. In addition to changing expectations, consumers also expect Read more […]

Keeping Growth & Development in Focus

Affect Employees Share Their Professional Goals At Affect, we place a lot of importance in continuing growth and learning at every level.  Here’s what some of our team members shared when asked about their professional goals this year; proof that you’re never done growing! Katie Creaser, Vice President: Make time to be creative everyday. It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day PR functions, but I know the value of a Big Idea, and the impact that it can have on our clients. My resolution Read more […]

Affect President Explains the Executive Apology in PR News

Here’s a brief excerpt from Sandra Fathi’s article in PR News… Whether they run a company of five or 500, what keeps most CEOs up at night is fear that a problem will become a crisis or already is. It doesn’t matter if the issue of the day is a single error or a national one, to mitigate a full-blown crisis, corporate executives must have a well thought out communications plan, and part of that plan should focus on how to react when a mistake occurs. Even the most seasoned executive can rely Read more […]

Media Relations for the Young PR Pro

You’ve finally landed that dream “Account Coordinator” position and you are super eager to put all of your education to use at your new agency. Even at the junior level, you may find yourself pitching journalists and trying to foster relationships that result in coverage for your clients. But how can you do that? It may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow a few tried-and-true tips, you’ll find yourself putting the “relations” in “media relations” in no time. Don’t Read more […]

Four Tips on How to Secure Speaking and Awards Engagements

One of the toughest feats for a PR professional is securing speaking and awards engagements, and I’ll tell you why.  Submitting an executive for consideration at an industry event or for an industry-recognized award requires mastering a delicate balance between relationship building, strong content, being aware of trends and industry conversations around the particular topic you’re proposing, and most importantly – standing out amongst the crowd. The following are four tips on how to successfully Read more […]