3 Ways to Keep Your Communications Plan Hot

With summer officially upon us, many companies tend to lay off the pedal when it comes to marketing and communications. It can be tough with a rotating schedule of vacations, holidays, and early release days to keep that marketing plan running at full throttle – but summer is actually one of the best times to engage your target audience. Just because customers or prospects are on vacation doesn’t mean they aren’t checking social media or reading the news. Here are three things you can do to Read more […]

Internet Week 2011: 5 Tips for Creating a Simple Online Brand Presence

It’s Internet Week once again in New York City. This year, Affect is hitting the streets and checking out the events then blogging about what they learn and see. With events happening all over the city, there’s plenty to check out. To read the latest updates from Internet Week, check back here daily for Affect’s insights and updates. And please, let us know what you have learned as well! This morning I attended an Internet Week New York session entitled, “Social Media Simplicity Toolkit: How Read more […]

New LinkedIn Plugins for Companies to Use Now

LinkedIn has been on a blistering pace in the past year with a bunch of new updates. Recently, the professional networking site did it again, offering a new set of plugins for use by companies. It’s as if they’re preparing for something big. But many of these new plugins have added features that give users similar capabilities that Twitter and Facebook have offered for some time. While none of these new plugins reinvent the wheel, companies should look to implement some of these tools because Read more […]

Share the love and break it down

In PR, we speak to a lot of people. I’m not talking about reporters and bloggers (because that’s a given) but the countless other folks involved in our clients’ PR, marketing, and sales departments that we strategize with day-in and day-out to make our efforts successful. To say that PR is a collaborative effort is an understatement. But with that, what we can sometimes lose sight of is how our work impacts other groups on the client side – the product development, finance and HR teams, Read more […]

Guest Blog: 6 Tips to Building a B2B Website for Business

This guest blog comes from Wendy Flanagan, Co-President at MurrayMedia, an Affect partner. MurrayMedia is a design and technology agency providing Web CMS and custom applications for sales and marketing. 6 Tips to Building a B2B Website for Business If you want to build a B2B Website that roars with energy and engages prospects, converting them into qualified leads and customers, these simple tips can guide your thoughts for a more profitable online property: 1) Ask yourself; “Who Read more […]