3 Ways to Keep Your Communications Plan Hot

With summer officially upon us, many companies tend to lay off the pedal when it comes to marketing and communications. It can be tough with a rotating schedule of vacations, holidays, and early release days to keep that marketing plan running at full throttle – but summer is actually one of the best times to engage your target audience. Just because customers or prospects are on vacation doesn’t mean they aren’t checking social media or reading the news. Here are three things you can do to Read more […]

Part 2 – FTC Advertising Guidelines: New Guidance on Wording and Placement of Disclosures

Last month, we reported on FTC’s clarification around its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Through a set of FAQs, they provided new guidance on proper marketing procedures and techniques, including the purchasing and selling of fake “likes,” which we reported on previously. In addition, they also provided direction on what constitutes as clear and conspicuous disclosure of material connections. Here what you need to know:   Bloggers need Read more […]

Grow Your Social Media Impact

Social media is well past its infancy but it is still easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options available. From blogs to social networking sites, podcasts to multimedia, the possibilities are endless. In order to optimize the results of social media efforts for your company, it is important to send the right messages, to the right audience, through the right channel. This can be challenging and requires continuous upkeep. As a social media and PR agency, Affect has helped develop and Read more […]

Social Communications for B2B Brands

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the B2B Social Communications Leadership Forum in NYC, hosted by the Business Development Institute (BDI).  Our agency is a big fan of BDI so we were excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this one. In addition to the quality of speakers and program topics, BDI focuses each of its event on a specific vertical or industry, allowing attendees to take a deep dive into their area of expertise. For this particular event, the topic was focused Read more […]

The Social Media Success Series from Affect

Following the popularity of our Social Media Six-Pack earlier this year, the Affect team is excited to officially release the Social Media Successes Series- a compilation of top tip sheets on best practices and effective strategies for businesses engaging in social media. Each of these tip sheets focuses on a different social media platform or topic, offering strategies and tactics to help businesses leverage social media in order to boost their online presence, connect with target markets and Read more […]

The Sweet Smell of Social Media Success: How to Reproduce the Old Spice Video Phenomenon

John Bell head of Ogilvy PR’s global digital practice provides a great overview of the success factors of the Old Spice social media campaign. He asks the three critical questions: Was it successful? What about it made it so? No, was it really successful like did it drive sales? Too many companies undervalue the follow, like or link. They don’t comprehend that customers are willing to give brands a social commitment – as long as they get something of value in return. The transaction can Read more […]

Simple Social Media Measurement Matrix – Ready to Measure

If you are engaging in social media, you should be measuring the results of your work. Although social media is often ‘free’, your time and efforts are not. Therefore, any social media program should measure the value of its investment. There are many areas to measure that are more qualitative than quantitative, but here is a simple Social Media Measurement Matrix designed to facilitate side-by-side comparison of social media accounts as well as momentum over time. This matrix enables easy reporting Read more […]

Build Your Brand the Social Way

An article I wrote recently appeared in PRNews on “Building Your Brand the Social Way” outlining some universal truths regarding social media engagement. If your company is blogging, tweeting or friending, you might want to check it out. Highlights include: Have a voice and stay on message (themes) Be authentic, honest & ethical Get ready for a long-term commitment Provide value, not noise Aim for quality, not quantity Share & play nice in the social media sandbox Bring online Read more […]