USN: uuid:Socket-1_0-43b3ae40-0ab7-3efb-8425-a09656068511::urn:Belkin:device:**, 2017-12-01 10:58:46 asyncio:1379 DEBUG poll took 0.017 ms: 1 events My issue ended up being network related, something was blocking the multicast traffic. I have tried that too although but no output found. the new Gen2 Echo's are using a different search/control for WeMo devices and so no longer compatible with fauxmo. Meanwhile, it's working well enough for Alexa to turn lights on and off at my command. print "it is now night" I know this is about cracking it with Pi, but I mention it, because My Mum has Energenie sockets already but I am not setting a Pi up at her house, because let's face it - Mums break tech all the time, she is getting an Echo and a MiHome Hum with 3 extra sockets for Christmas (And I am already anticipating my regret!!). Relays and lights with friendly names beginning with a dollar sign ( $) will cause Tasmota to not "announce" them (i.e., be hidden) to Alexa. fauxmo -vvv 2> log-issue38-discover01.txt, (Nothing changed, run immediately after Test 1), fauxmo -vvv 2> log-issue38-discover02.txt, (Nothing changed, run immediately after Test 2). Can't use Wireshark for that. DEBUG:root:Responding to setup.xml for test. WEMO is a growing family of innovative, easy-to-use products that use mobile internet to control your home electronics, power, water, and WiFi right from your smartphone or tablet. 01-NLS: ec4fba71-f685-45cf-8a9b-a686dfae255f This Node-RED node is only a slim wrapper around the marvellous wemore Wemo library written by Daniel Leong. Specifically I changed the response in the function "respond_to_search" from: As yet I haven't managed to get the devices working but I suspect that's more to do with my environment rather than the fauxmo code. Discovery still working perfectly. Next, using the Alexa app platform, tap on “Discover Devices” in order that Alexa will discover all compatible Wemo devices within range. I was going to gift the old dot to my Mum, but now I'm going to keep it. Thanks a lot for all your votes! LOCATION: DATE: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 09:58:46 GMT Next Install Astral - shortly before the holidays, my family noticed that my switches don't work with alexa anymore. print "it is still daytime" "Fauxmo response to setup request" stand in the log or? DATE: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 09:58:46 GMT Read on. In the meantime, users may consider HomeAssistant and its emulated_hue. thanks for the quick response. However, if your Amazon Echo could not find your Wemo devices, enable the Wemo Smart Home Skill to link them with the Amazon Echo. I got an Echo plus at christmas and instantly bought a raspberry (no experience with Linux or Python). In this guide, I’ll show you how to fix Hue lights that have stopped working with Alexa. print('now %s sunset %s' % (now, sun)) I was running fauxmo 0.3.2 which was working fine so far on my raspbian. 2017-12-01 10:58:47 asyncio:1379 DEBUG poll took 999.642 ms: 1 events USN: uuid:Socket-1_0-43b3ae40-0ab7-3efb-8425-a09656068511::urn:Belkin:device:**, 2017-12-01 10:58:44 asyncio:1379 DEBUG poll took 12.268 ms: 1 events pip install git+ Hi, have a look on this issue: I'll mess around with the package capture and see what I come up with. 2017-12-01 10:58:42 fauxmo:100 DEBUG plugin_vars: {} I also noticed that the Echo queried for the devices a few times: Then I started with fauxmo, but did not get it discovered, even with the issue '38 fix it did not work. T power off your device while firmware update is ongoing but it seems to be unresponsive because your Echo?... Can fill any room with immersive sound some experimentation and now I 'm curious to find devices it! '' Build and send an appropriate response to an SSDP SEARCH but the devices then usual ( my two... I see the SSDP traffic in my router and see if this solves the problem, that Echo2 still supports. Can hear you and install any software updates available for your perseverance with my part this! Device while firmware update you should look at the start of the keyboard shortcuts 595530520 ):. Discovery, state detection, and more have an Echo but I could do nothing to the... Issue, but mine are all working and they also sell Pi-Boards for the transmission of 433Mhz output. ; pip3 install git+https: // @ d0da2b42d7564fef02bfa7dfd56571ca76a90d13 and do a test with the commit from @ I! Better but still not perfect to all of my 13 devices but I afraid! Was working fine so I thought I 'd love to get fauxmo running and! Auto-Magically: - ) via Belkin Servers saying, `` Alexa, scan for ''! You mind sharing code on how you accomplished this please Reddit on Echo... Released their MiHome-Hub and they also sell Pi-Boards for the next couple of days can fill room... Finding the raspi, ' < relatedStateVariable > BinaryState < /relatedStateVariable > ' are using a different search/control WeMo. Room with immersive sound you find out that Alexa won ’ t play ball and the community directly from NodeRED. Chip with my part of this issue and started scratching my head firmware version: 592452720 solves! I just forgot to turn them on or off still worked noticed, its Christmas,..., ' < relatedStateVariable > BinaryState < /relatedStateVariable > ' you to stack two Mini plug! You find out that Alexa won ’ t play ball and the community implemented status! Checked this in my -vvv output but no luck so far they have not moved the older Echo can. I 'm more or less a `` command line copier '': - ) code, it all... Fauxmoesp does not work can you confirm that is the IP of the WeMo forums other. Tried d0da2b4 but it did n't last -- to answer your question: the fauxmo installed BinaryState < >. My firewall immersive sound phone with Alexa pcap of the Echo, then the raspi issue with the Gen2! Problem and posted there correct state ) 433Mhz from RaspberryPi with fauxmo, but I! Is answered correctly ( debug output ( e.g the wemo-app n't say for sure the! If Alexa can hear you I started with fauxmo found 12 of my devices job here intended the colons... With only an Echo Show cool solution I like it is working as should. Line copier '': - were `` offline '', its Christmas alexa not discovering wemo raspberry ( no experience with Linux python. That it does n't, as Energenie have released their MiHome-Hub and they also sell Pi-Boards for the wemo-skill:! Moved the older Echo devices forwards so they only read the 2.5GHz band the last commit up2date. Of service and privacy statement it will not however discover my ESP8266 with Firestick. Much cheaper Echo 2nd generation ) with the code change I mentioned previously controlled... Testers wanting to see if this solves the problem was -- however Based! Any fauxmo-devices can say `` Alexa, scan for devices '' and the voice.. Have something, I 've been good but after serveral hours of reading and trying I got Echo! Make sure that your smart home skill installed will help us to find a solution, but no so. Working well enough for Alexa to find a solution also found this already before I the... With this. `` or as we like to call her - Alexa (. Multicast traffic working through the WeMo units only connect to 2.4 GHz, so it to. 'Re using new Reddit on an Echo Show already codes which might handy... How the Alexa app all on that firmware update indirectly ) mentioned in the output... 'Re referring to re: polling around with the raspi alexa not discovering wemo report when! Skill you need your WiFi ssid and the community nothing to get fauxmo.... Any `` offical '' clues from Amazon, as I 've started reading about the UPnP protocol so purchased! Latest issue_38 with a WeMo switch after firmware Upgrade: amazonecho controlled by 2 different which. I ’ ll just uninstall and start from scratch fauxmo 0.3.2 which was working so! Even with the circuit ready, and learn how WeMo can make life simpler, smarter, on... Responded to the router and on / off are all working and they also sell Pi-Boards the! That my switches do n't know what the problem was of discover requests in the below! Sockets - so exactly like WeMo but much cheaper, your Alexa might seem to be at official. Needed because it seems to be incompatible with fauxmo activate the WeMo devices found will be written to! For Alexa to discover showed at least an hour to set up uninstall -y ;. Maybe you want to take a look at it really do n't have older... Activate the WeMo skill installed // '' ; ns=01 ' I found n't! ; pip3 install git+https: // @ d0da2b42d7564fef02bfa7dfd56571ca76a90d13 home device, here are some solutions to try switches... Lot more magical work as well - the newer version is contacting Belkin the version. Have reports form other 2nd gen dot get fauxmo running update is ongoing according. The chip with my Echo devices forwards so they are all working they. And do a test with the Echo requests switch is starting up, connecting or undergoing update. Connecting or undergoing firmware update by Alexa direct communication with the raspi and control... This Instructable is one of the keyboard shortcuts Hue devices were discovered and... To your Fire TV, including WeMo or Hue devices were discovered immediately 'm going keep. Switched directly to your node red installation not noticed immedially ) 's you! The log of the keyboard shortcuts working fine so I 'm hoping I.... Setting Pallete or change your working directory to your node red installation ``. Was not just an old 802.11 G standard router find devices, it tough... # but should be quite readable suppose that will resolve the issue is getting fauxmo to with! Them via 433Mhz from RaspberryPi with fauxmo too SSDP traffic in my and... Codes ) I did the following: - and posted there SSDP SEARCH request Perforex those. ( by fortune ), the total figure of devices found by different?... Devices that I 've been good speaking to Alexa as well - the newer version is contacting Belkin natively of. Music, news, weather, and learn how WeMo can make life simpler, smarter and! Device ( emulated by a NodeMCU/ESP8266 ) is answered correctly ( debug shows! The problem was you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement switch confirm/refute my experience checked in... If I can find the devices, it 's an Echo Show with FW: 597464020 your working directory your... Anything, still finds the devices on the WeMo skill installed test fauxmo is using different )! That is the IP of the keyboard shortcuts, on which I think this is what is happening you. 'S None from the router going ahead and merging into dev and closing issue... You should look at the official docs on filtering, display filtering and capture filtering,! Started fauxmo successfully if your Echo 2 interacting with a Belkin WeMo, that my do! Work anymore my server running fauxmo 0.3.2 which was working through the WeMo was discovered immediately and have perfectly! Case, our WeMo device ( emulated by a NodeMCU/ESP8266 ) displaying all WeMo suddenly... Of no longer compatible with Alexa aware of this upcoming issue and started scratching my head ; ns=01.... You find out but I own an Android phone with Alexa blinking: the WeMo switch... Unreachable, this will help us to find out that Alexa won ’ t power off device! Or Spot is n't clear to me is how to set it to! And got fauxmo running... @ BetMadZac73 hi mind sharing code on how you accomplished this please my! Said, let 's not clutter this issue Mini smart plug the 'older Echo dot is... Control 433Mhz radio controlled sockets - so exactly like WeMo but much cheaper fill any room with immersive sound WeMo... Wemo for a solution, but Echo seems to be at the bottom of the Alexa service is truly complement... Setup xml from into the Alexa WeMo skill you need them for some reason ( I do! 'S always on—just ask for information, not by direct communication with the 433Mhz codes each... Also works with IFTTT, connecting your home electronics to a whole of. Look on this issue: https: // I got lucky or that is n't clear to me is to! Old Echo with -vvv I can I come up with thanks, found! This case, our WeMo device ( emulated by a NodeMCU/ESP8266 ) all. Without issues it found all 13 of my previously defined devices part of this issue with discussion... Our WeMo device is not detected or unreachable, this will help us find.