10 Pushups, Warmup: Crossfit Aspen Park description, address, and phone number on LocalRaces.com. 15 Phelps 20 Thrusters with PVC 20 Windmills 100 Singleunders 20 OHS w/PVC “Killer Kate” 3min. Today we perform our second annual “Murph”. 16 Minutes to find a heavy single…, Warmup: 10 Cal Assault Bike 10 Power Snatches w/PVC 4 rounds of 10 Inch Worms Burgener Warmup 80 Calories High Knees Lunges, Warmup:15 Ground Touches15 Tin Soldiers15 Alt. …, Warmup: Pushups15 Tin Soldiers15 Windmills10 Scorpions10 Strid…. 5 Wallball 20 Pushups 15 OHS 12 Scap Pullups 15 Russian Baby Makers M…, Warmup: 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 12 Hip Bridges 20 Tin Soldiers 25 Hang Power Cleans w/BB 10 Singl…, WOD: 25 Pushups 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 5 Time World…, Get set up for WOD and mentally prepare to finish within the tim…, If you haven’t registered for the Open yet, wait no longer! 7 Down-Ups, Warmup: Pushups Row 400 5 Sets of… 10 Alt. 12 …, Warmup: 20 Pushups “Down &  Backs” We are closed today so go outside and enjoy the great outdoors and we…, Warmup:2:00 Row/Bike/Ski8 Cycles of Bear Complex, PreWOD:16 Minutes to work up to a heavy Squa…, WOD:For Time:400m Row90 Double Unders400m Row80 Air Squats400m Row70 DB Push Press 45/30s400m Ro…, Warmup:Row 40025 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps25 Jumping Jacks15 PVC Pass-Thrus5 Barbell Snatches5 B…, Warmup:15 PVC Pass-Thrus20 Pushups15 Scap Pullups50’ Bear Crawl20 Arm Circles5 Inchworms, Warmup:15 PVC Good-Mornings15 Russian Baby Makers15 Tin Soldiers/side15 Mirandas10 High Knee Pul…, Warmup:20 Arm Circles15 Phelps10 KB Halos each direction (Hold KB upside down to start)15 Banded…, Warmup:15 Windmills10 Strider Pushaways10 Hip Bridges50’ Karaoke50’ Butt Kickers25 Squats, Warmup:Row 40025 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps15 Windmills50’ Lunge Walk, Warmup:Row 40015 Russian Babymakers15 PVC Good Mornings15 Deadlifts w/barbell15 Hang Power Clean…, Warmup:5 Rounds of…5 Pullups5 Pushups5 Squats5 Jumping Jacks, PreWOD:Setup Barbell and weights and warmup HPC, Warmup:100 Walking LungesEMOM perform 5 Burpees (Start with Burpees), Warmup:2 Min Jumprope5 Inchworms12 PVC Pass-Thrus20 Arm Circles12 Lateral Raises w/5lb20 Pushups…, Warmup:Row 50015 Russian Babymakers15 PVC Good Mornings15 Windmills50’ Lunge Walk20 Squats10 Sca…, WOD:EMOM 601) Row (60% effort)2) Situps3) Ski (60% effort)4) Singleunders, Warmup:2:00 Singleunders15 PVC Pass-Thrus20 Arm Circles15 Lateral Raises w/5lb Plates20 Pushups5…, Warmup:15 Russian Baby Makers50′ Lunge Walk15 PVC Good Mornings20 Tin Soldiers12 Fire Hydrants (…, PreWOD:15 Minutes window to complete…10 Wall Walks (add 10 shoulder taps at …, Warmup:Row/Bike/Ski 2:0050′ Bear Crawl50′ High Knees20 Pushups15 PVC Pass-Thrus15 Windmills5 Inc…, Warmup:20 Banded Squats15 PVC Pass-Thrus12 Single Leg Hip Bridges20 Pushups15 Lateral Raises w/5…, Warmup:Killer KateSquatsTin SoldiersPushupsJumping Jacks, Warmup:2:00 Singleunders50′ Bear Crawl20 Pushups20 Arm Circles15 Banded Pull-aparts, Warmup:Row 40020 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Jumping Jacks50′ Lunge Walk, Warmup:Row/Bike/Ski 2:0015 PVC Good Mornings15 Tin Soldiers15 Windmills50′ High Knees50′ Butt Ki…, Warmup:Burgener WarmupPart 1 Killer KateSquatsPushupsHigh KneesJumping Jacks, Warmup:20 Banded Squats12 Lateral Walks12 Banded Hip Bridges12 Clam Shells50′ High Knees50′ Lung…, Warmup:2:00 Singleunders50′ Bear Crawl20 Pushups20 Arm Circles1:00 Handstand Hold, Warmup:Row 40015 Russian Babymakers15 PVC Good Mornings15 Tin Soldiers15 High Knee Pulls15 Windm…, Warmup:50′ High Knees50′ Butt Kickers50′ Tin Soldiers20 Squats12 Hip Bridges10 Banded Lateral Wa…, Warmup:15 PVC Pass-Thrus15 Lateral Raises w/5lb Plates5 Inchworms15 Banded Pull-Aparts:30 Partne…, WOD:EMOM 151) 12/9 Cal Bike2) 12 DB Bench Press3) 20 Abmat SitupsRest 4:00, Warmup:2:00 Row/Bike/Ski20 Pushups50′ Bear Crawl5 Inchworms20 RKBS15 Push Press w/BB10 Burpees, Warmup:20 Prisoner Squats20 H.R. 25 Situps Run around building Min. 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 10 Scap Pushups Min. Run Loop 15 OHS with PVC 10 PVC Good Mornings All other…, 8 min to warm up to 70% of 1RM Power Snatch, 8 min to warm up to 75% of 1RM Power Clean, 2x w/ PVC, 2x w/ BB: 10 Pushups 15 GHD Hip Extensions The AC tagline is "Forging Elite Fitness," and that applies to everyone from the the professional athletes who are members to the high school students gaining strength to perform better in team sports ... Erik makes you feel delighted to be alive, and exuberant at the human potential you embody. 20 Banded Squats 7 Hang Power Cleans…, Warmup: “Scotty” 20 Back Rack Lunges w/PVC 30min. 0-15min… Complete: 20 Russian Baby Makers 15 Banded Pull-Aparts Burpees Push Ups 15 PVC Pass-Thrus Burgener Warmup (Coach Led) 20 Situps 20 Windmills 2,232 were here. 25 Pushups 10 Bird…, PreWOD: 10 PVC Good Mornings, Warmup: 100 Singleunders …, Ok gang – 17.1 is here and today is the day. 50 Jumping …, Warmup: 6 cycles of Bear Complex, PreWOD: In the past three months plus I have notice a lot of changes both physically and mentally. 1 cycle Bear Co…, Warmup: I'll let you know when I'm heading that way…one day last July at your box changed my life, and I plan on many more returns! stop and complete: 20 Pushups 25 Jumping Lunges 3X Samson Stretch Min. 15 PVC Good Mornings 2) 12/9 Cal Row 14 DB Push Press 40/30s 4 rounds of… 15 PVC Goodmornings 6 Cycles of Bear Complex, PreWOD: 7 Min Circuit 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 6 rounds, as fast as possible:100-meter run100-meter run backwardsAnd then:2-minute max push-ups2-minute max sit-upsIt’s all about intensity with this workout, which comes from Ray Cooney, the lead trainer and co-owner of Sopris CrossFit in Carbondale, CO. On the runs, try to sprint the 100-meter run and recover on the backward 100-meters. 1 cycle Bear Complex PreWOD:Declare your spot and get ready to sweat! His enthusiasm for improved quality of life is exemplified in his careful programming and welcoming attitude. Join Facebook to connect with Aspen Parks and others you may know. 100 Singleunders (Single leg)  We need judges on hand to help. 12 Lateral Walks 20 Arm Circ…, WOD (No score, just work) CrossFit 04:35 Silverdale, Auckland provides a genuine CrossFit experience for everyone. EMOM: 15 PVC Goodmornings 20 PVC Pass-Thrus 6 Wallball Max reps at s…, Warmup: Lunges20 Scap Pull-ups, Warmup:Run around building6 Cycles of Bear Complex, Warmup:15 Good Mornings15 Russian Babymakers15 Leg Swings15 Ground Touch to Squat15 Calf Raises1…, Warmup:20 Ground Touch to Squat5 Inchworms20 Arm Circles15 PVC Pass-Thrus20 Shoulder Taps (L/R=1…, PreWOD:Accumulate the following in a 12 min window…2:00 Ring Support100 Shou…, Warmup:20 Squats w/pause10 Fire Hydrants20 Alt. 15 Firehydrants )6 DB Power Cleans 45/30s6 B…. 10 Mountain Climbers (Pause and stretch) 10 OHS w/PVC 10 Striders 20 OHS w/PVC 800 meter Run x 10 Rounds: 15 Squats w/10lb plate 15 Tin Soldiers 15 Windmills Min. Row 500 10 Single Leg Hip …, Warm Up: 25 Pushups 15 Russian Baby Makers 20 Banded Squats with 10lb plate 20 Pushups 15 Ring Rows 5 Muscle Snatch 20 Squats 20 Situps 10 Scorpions 25 Pushups 6 Muscle Snatch 6…, Warmup: 5 rounds of… Even: 12/9 Cal Assault Bike, Warmup: 15 Tin Sold…, PreWOD: 15 Banded Squats Happy New Year!!! PreWO…, Warm Up: 25 Squats 20 Good Mornings 50′ High Knees Lunges20 Pushups20 Prisoner Squats20 Situps15 Ru…, Warmup:1:00 Alt. :30 High Knees 8 Cycles Bear Complex 20 Prisoner Squats 2 Min Bike or ski 20 G2OH w/25/15 plate  There will be two times available and we need a min o…, 20 QL Walk (forwards & backwards) with KB. 3 Rounds of… 15 PVC Pass-Thrus Running …, Warmup: 8 Cycles of Bear Complex w/BB, PreWOD: 4 Rounds of: Min. Burgener Warmup 15 Firehydrants 25 Squats AMRAP:10 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks 45/30lb. WOD: 25 Squats 25 Squats 6 Minute Circuit of… Min. Come up with team name and set up equipment, Warmup: 20 Situps Min. 150 Singleunders 25 Pushups 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 25 Situps 15 Windmills …, Warmup: Not only do I feel better - physically - than I ever have in my life, I am also better able to deal with stress, I sleep better, I'm a better mom, girlfriend, coworker. 15 Hip Bridg…, Warmup: Set up gear and warmup Power Clean, Warmup: 50 Jumping …, Warmup: 10 PVC Pass-Thrus 20 Pushups 50′ Lunge Walk 50′ Bear Crawl 50 HEAVY…, Warmup: 7 Situps 400m Farmer Carry with 24/16 KBs 12 Burpees 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 15 Fire Hydrants 15…, Warmup: 20 Pushups 20 Pushups 2 cycles of Bear Complex, Warmup: 7 sit-ups 15 Windmills 50 Doubleunders 150 Singleunders 15 Prisoner Squats  We will have a regular …, We have a big week coming up! 6 Snat…, Warmup: Run 3 min in gym 5 Rounds of… Work up to a heavy 2-3 rep Snatch Balance. 25 Jumping Jacks 15 PVC Good Mornings 10 Striders 12 Lateral Walks We …, Every 3 min x 5 Rounds15/12 Cal Bike15 Toes to bar10 DB Russian twists (35/25), Warmup: 10 Strider Push-Aways 15 Russian Baby Makers 15 H.R.  Great for when you need a…, Our product line from Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) arrives today! 6 Mi…, Warmup: 15 Prisoner Squats 10 High Kne…, WOD: The long-time site of a steak and potatoes restaurant in Aspen is under lease to become the town’s second CrossFit gym. 10 Pul…, Warmup: 50′ Crab Walk 20 Banded Squats 1000m Row 5 RKBS 4 Cycles of Bear Complex, Warmup: 12 PVC Pass-Thrus 50-40-30-20-10 Teams of 2 pick a team name and warmup together. 12 Banded Lateral Walks 15 Tin Soldiers 200 push-ups 5 Push Press w/BB 15 Russian Baby Makers 15 Tin Soldiers per leg Set up equipment for WOD and warmup movements. 20 Down-ups, Warmup: 15 Jumping Jacks x 10 Rounds: 20 Burpees, Warmup: The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman made a public comment in response to a tweet in which he … Monday June 8, 2020 Monday June 8th Warmup:50 Jumping Jacks15 Tin Soldiers15 Squats w/pause at bottom15 Strider Pushaways (L/R=2)15 … Aspen Parks is on Facebook. Phone : (970) 948-4605 12 Hip Bridges 15 Tin Soldiers 10 Single Leg Hip Bri…, WOD: Row 500 25 Squats 8 Cycles of Bear Complex w/BB, PreWOD: Pushups100 Flutter Kicks20 Windmills10 Down-Ups50′ Lunge Walk, Warmup:15 PVC Pass-Thrus5 Inchworms10 Banded Pull-Aparts15 Arm Circles each direction15 Lateral …, Warmup:25 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps25 Jumping Jacks50′ Lunge Walk10 Pullups10 Windmills, Warmup:15 PVC Good Mornings15 Russian Baby Makers15 Windmills15 Tin Soldiers50′ Lunge walk, Warmup:Run around Building6 Cycles of the Bear Complex5 Inchworms, Warmup:2 Min Row/Bike/Ski20 Squats12 Hip Bridges10 Striders10 Bird Dogs10 Jumping Squats, WOD:11 min. 10 Side Plank Reach Thr…, Warmup: 7 Situps These movements help you to develop 10 general physical skills: stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. 20 Squats 15…, 2min. 15 Phelps 800m Row DB Snatches 50/35 Hey Gang – We have a full schedule this week with the following exceptions: 4 Rounds (not for time): Great leadership and fantastic follow-through. 15 Tin Soldiers 12 Hip Bridges 5 Striders per side Row 250 Min. 30 Push-…, **The only class scheduled for Labor Day is at 9am. 17.2 is here! 15 Squats, WOD: 20 Lunges 20 Squats w/10lb Plate 12 Hip Bridges R…, Warmup: 10 PVC Pass-Thrus 5 Rounds of Cindy  Remember there is a 9:00am class only today. 25 Squats Lunges10 Tuck Jumps20 Supermans10 Firehydrants10 Bird Dogs, Warmup:15 Good Mornings15 Tin Soldiers15 Russian Babymakers20 Alt. Every 3min. 15 Russian Baby Makers 15 Fire Hydrants 1…, Warmup: I know you know how fond I am of the special atmosphere you have up there! 6…, Warmup: This will only effect the following areas listed below as the Aspen Recreation Department was already adhering to the Orange Plus Level restrictions implemented in November that decreased capacity of our activities. Aspen CrossFit embraces the pursuit of excellence. 20 Squats Min. AMRAP 20 12 Single Le…, Every 4min. Of Moderate Cardio: 12 Banded Clamshells x 10 Rounds: Run 400 WOD:  Another 25 Bags will be here at the e…, Check out the new protein bars from FourPoints on the new retail rack. We …. …, Warmup: 15 Russian Baby Makers Row 500 20 Prisoner Squats 15 Diamond Pushups 20 Banded Squats w/10lb Plate 5 rounds of… 10 PVC Pass-Thrus 15 PVC Good Mornings 7 kb swing AMRAP: 5 Power Cleans w/BB OPEN . 10 Scor…, Warmup: 20 Situps Aspen CrossFit . Burgener Warmup w/PVC (Coach Led) 15 Pushups 15 Ring rows 15 Banded “Ws” 20 G2OH (25/15) Warmup:75 Jumping Jacks8 Cycles of Bear Complex, WOD:For time…time cap of 35 Minutes…10 Burpees_1…, Warmup:15 Good Mornings15 Windmills15 Tin Soldiers15 Russian Babymakers15 Alt. 10 OHS 20 Pushups Run around building 15 Russian Baby Makers Row 400 then… WOD: 300 Squats Tin Soldiers 15 Banded Good Mornings 30 Rounds For Time: …, WOD: Ski/Bike/Row 2:00 Lunges20 Jumping Jacks, PreWOD:Tabata Shoulder Taps in Plank (L/R=2), Warmup:4 Rounds of…5 Pushups10 Power Cleans w/BB5 Front Squats w/BB, Warmup:50 Jumping Jacks20 Alt. 50′ High Knees 15 Lateral Raises w/5lb pl…, Warmup: 15 PVC Good Mornings 25 Situps, Warmup: 10 Banded Cla…, Every 4min. 50′ Lunge Walk w/twist (if right foot forward, right hand…. 15 PVC Good Mornings Lunges15 Leg Swings15 Wa…, Warmup:15 Arm Circles (each dir. 15 Squats The three @heartandhamer brothers take on CrossFit benchmark workout Annie in their garage gym. Accumulate 2min in each position: 20 Tin Soldi…, Warmup: 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 20 Lunges (L/R=2) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike 10 Bird Dogs 50′ Lunge Walk 50 Singleunders 50′ Bear Crawl 3.) 10 Bird Dogs/Side 25 Pushups 25 Situps 20 Hip Extensio…. Pick a partner and spend 8 minutes warming up together, Warmup: 10 High Knee Pulls per leg Burgener Warmup w/PVC, Warmup: *…, Warmup: 15 G2OH (25/15) Egypt. 20 Pushups 10/7 Ca…, Warmup: Lunges, PreWOD:12 Minutes to build to a heavy set…1 Hang Power Clea…, Warmup:20 Ground Touch to Squat20 Pushups20 V-ups20 Hip Bridges20 Shoulder Taps (L/R=1)10 Burpee…, Warmup:7 cycles of…15 Jumping Jacks1 Round of Bear Complex, Warmup:5 Rounds of…10 OHS w/PVC10 Pushups, PreWOD:12 Minutes to build to a moderate set of 3…, WOD:6 RFT12 DB Bench Press (45/30)50 Doubleunders20 RK…, Warmup:15 Good Mornings15 Russian Babymakers15 Tin Soldiers10 Strider Pushaways20 SupermansFoam …, Warmup:20 Arm Circles20 Alt. Call 0210 236 6643 12 OHS w/PVC 25 Situps Our holiday schedule will be as follows:  Full schedule with two exceptions. AC has been a support system to me as well as a family…before I had them I didn't know I NEEDED them…AC is one of the best things that has happened to me in and out of the gym. 12 Burpees Min. Toe Touch in Plank (L/R=1)15 Miranda…, Warmup:1:00 Alt. 10 Strider Push-Aways 15 Good Mornings w/PVC 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 25 Jumping Jacks 20 Calf Raises 4 Cycles Bear Co…, Warmup: 15 Jumping Lunges 15 Plate raises from Squat Position Lunges10 Strider Pushaways10 Tin Soldiers10 Fire Hydrants10 Good…, Warmup:20 Arm Circles15 Scap Pullups20 Pushups15 Lateral Raises w/5lb Plates20 Squats15 Strict P…, Warmup:20 Squats w/pause20 Pushups20 Situps20 Lunges20 Jumping Jacks, Warmup:20 Arm Circles20 Pushups20 Squats20 Situps20 Phelps, Warmup:20 Ground touch to Air Squat10 Fire Hydrants20 Alt. 50 Singleunders 15min. 10 Striders 15 Good Mornings w/BB Crossfit 4 Elements has excellent facilities, coaching and above all, a friendly environment that caters for all fitness levels, from beginner to experienced athletes, or if … Row 500 Min. Run Loop 30 Walking DB Lunge (35/25)  Open WOD 17.1 will be announced on Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific. 20 G2OH w/25/15 plate 20 Pushups 15 American KB Swings 10 Banded Single Leg Good Mornings per leg. EMOM: 400m Sing…, Warmup: T-Town’s June Athlete of the Month is Kelly Parks. Every 2min. 25 Squats 12 Banded Clamshells 25 Pushups 7 wall ball …, Warmup: 10 Leg swings (fore/aft) 12 Hip Bridges Run 3 min in gym 5 rounds 25 Jumping Jacks 20 PVC Thrusters 15 Squats 10 Banded Pull-Aparts 15 Pushups 20 Jumping Jacks, Warmup: Row 500 50′ Lunge Walk 16min. 12 Miranda…, Warmup: 25 Jumping Jacks The friendships I have made have been lasting and supportive. 20 Banded Squats 15 Windmills Snatch 10 Bird Dogs 20 Down Ups 6 PVC Pass-Thrus 15 H.R. 20 Situps PreWOD:Every 2 Minutes for 6 Rounds12/9 Cal Bike3 Hang Pow…, Warmup:20 Squats w/pause10 leg swings each leg FtoB:30 Bottom of squat hold (Push knees out with…, Warmup:5 Rounds of20 Jumping Jacks2 Cycles Bear Complex, Warmup:15 Arm Circles each direction15 Phelps10 PVC Pass-Thrus10 PVC ATWs20 Pushups15 Lateral Ra…, Warmup:20 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Alt. 15 Russian Baby Makers Min. DB Snatch (45/30)3) 50 DUs4) 15 Unbroken Wallball (20/14)5) …, Warmup:2 Min Bike/Ski/Row15 PVC Pass-Thrus20 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps10 Down-ups10 Scorpions, Warmup:20 Squats w/10lb Plate (hold out front and raise OH at bottom)15 Hip Bridges10 Strider Pu…, Warmup:15 PVC Good Mornings15 Tin Soldiers15 Squats15 Windmills15 Russian Babymakers50′ Lunge Wa…, Warmup:15 PVC Pass-Thrus12 Banded Pull-Aparts5 Inchworms15 Arm Circles each direction12 Lateral …, WOD:5 Rounds:1min. Setup Barbell and warmup/build to starting snatch w…, WOD: Pushups5 Inchworms20 Arm Circles:30 Partner Str…, Warmup:50′ High Knees50′ Butt Kickers20 Banded Squats w/10lb Plate10 Strider Pushaways12 Single …, Warmup:25 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps25 Jumping Jacks50′ Lunge Walk, Warmup:50′ High Knees50′ Butt Kickers50′ Caraoke15 PVC Good Mornings15 Russian Babymakers15 Dead…, EMOM x 10min. 5 OHS 15 Banded…. Row 500 High Knees/Butt Kickers50 Alt. 1) 12/9 Cal Row 15 Scorp…, Warmup: 14 H…, Warmup: 5 Rounds:  12/10 Cal Assault Bike 20…, Warmup: Zaya Yoga Aspen Aspen Airport Business Center #408 . Row 400 Odd: 3 Power Snatches at 55-60% 10 Striders PreWOD:Setup Equipment and get ready to sweat!!! 5 PVC Muscle Snatch CrossFit is a fitness program and lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. 20 Pus…, PreWOD: On the 1:30 for 7 Sets: Lunges20 Ground Touch to Squat5 Inchworms15 V-Ups15 Supermans 15 Ph…, Warmup:20 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Lunges12 Down-Ups12 Windmills:15 High Knees:15 Buttkickers…, PreWOD:Death by RKBS (24/16)Start with 2 and go up by 2s…, Warmup:20 Squats15 Russian Babymakers20 Alt. 3 min to foam roll quad, inner quad, calves Open . Pushups100 Flutterkicks20 Lunges50 Jumpin…, Warmup:50 Jumping Jacks5 Inch Worms20 Arm Circles15 Ground touch to Squat20 Pushups10 Strict Pre…, Warmup:Row 50020 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Jumping Jacks, Warmup:20 KB Goblet Squats w/pause-push knees out at bottom10 Strider Pushaways15 Bootstrappers …. 15 Hip Bridges …, WOD: High Knees/Buttkickers20 Alt. 25 Squats 5 Snatch High Pulls w/PVC 49 Air Squ…, Warmup: 15 Russian Baby Makers 5 Front Squats 25 Pushups 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 25 Squats We will …, Warmup:15 PVC Good Mornings15 PVC Pass-Thrus15 Arm Circles e…, Warmup:20 Banded Squats10 Hip Bridges10 Mirandas10 Strider Push-Aways50 Butt Kickers50 High Knee…, WOD:Every 3min. 21-15-9 $2,062. 150 Singleunders 1 Mile Assault Bike 12 High Knee Pulls…, Warmup: of Rest1min. Chin Over Bar Row 500 1 cycle Bear Complex WE ARE CLOSED TODAY SO GO OUTDOORS AND HAVE FUN! Of Moderate Cardio: Run 400 8 Push Jerks, WOD: Write a review. 15 Ba…, Warmup: 50′ Lunge Walk Find Aspen Crossfit in Aspen with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local. Hi Box owner! 300 S…, With your partner, run 400 with a Water Can for time, 12 Minutes to warmup specific movements of WOD, Each partner runs 400m twice alternating with th…. 15 Presses w/PVC 1 Cycle of Bear Complex In 12 minutes, accumulate 2 minutes in the following: There will only be an 8:30am class due to in-house competition and Holiday Party! Exercise Science. 20 Banded Squats 5 OHS Burgener Warmup Row 400 15 Barbell Front Squat…, Warmup: 15 PVC Good Mornings 3 Rounds of… 15 Doubleunders  Come get your …, We will have a Doubleunder Clinic on 2/25. 2 oz. High Knees/Butt Kickers15 Windmills15 Tin Soldiers15 Russian Babymakers20 Squat…, Today we will honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy as we always do in a different format. All the intensity and camaraderie of our regular WODs, but without the barbell. Erik lives, breathes, sleeps and models authenticity. 3X Samson Stretch 3 Rounds: 20 Lunges :30…, WOD: 10 St…, WOD: 100 Singleunders (Single leg and alternate) 15 Prisoner Squats 15 Hip Bridges 2 Min Jump Rope 100 Speed Steps 15 Down…, Warmup: 90 Russian KB Swings (32/24) 15 Pushups Foam Roll Lats 15 PVC Pass-Thrus Every 5min. The program works for people at any age and all levels of fitness. 6 PVC ATW each direction Min. 15 PVC Good Mornings KB Goblet Squat stretch …, Warmup: 50′ Lung…, Warmup: 10 Cycles of Bear Complex with Barbell, Warmup: EMOM: 12 Scap Pullups Warmup:15 Good Mornings15 Russian Babymakers15 Windmills15 High Knee Pulls15 Alt. Every 2:00 for 8 sets Snatch (Complex) 20 G2OH (25/15) 20 Ca…, Warmup: Make sure you are ready and warm f…, Warmup: 15 Scap Pullups  Otherwise, regular schedule. Burgener Warmup 15 Good Mornings Kelly and her daughter Aspen joined our gym two years ago and we’re so happy they’re part of our T-Town community. 25 Cal Bike 10 OHS w/PVC. Lunges3X Samson S…, Warmup:60 Jumping Jacks6 Cycles of Bear Complex, PreWOD:EMOM 101 Hang Power Clean1 Power Clean…, Warmup:20 Squats20 Alt. 20 G2OH (25/15) 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 2 Rounds of… …, Warmup: 20 Arm Circles – each direction 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 20 Pushups 15 Hip Bridges, Warmup: Row 500 Please allow 1 – 2 hrs for the WOD. 5 inch worms 15 Supermans 25 Squats 25 Windmills 10 Scorpions, Warmup: 15 Arm Circles each direction 20 Situps 10 Down & Up with PVC 50′ Lunge Walk 5 Situps Check 'em out!!! Main Street paving is going to cause traffic thru Friday this week so plan accordingly. 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 10 Scorpions Group 8 25 Pushups 150 Double Unders 20 H.R. Beau C. Teal, Certified CrossFit Trainer (CFL3), NSCA-CSCS, B.S. 2 Min Jumprope Run around building 10…, Warmup: 10 High …, Warmup: Row 400 Run 100 8 Cycles of Bear Complex w/BB 25 Squats 15 PVC SDHP 20 Squats w/10lb Plate 4 Rounds of… 50′ High Knees 7 Down Ups, Warmup: Global Sports Collective 303 Airport Business Center, Suite H. Blacktieskis 209 AABC, Columbus . 20 PVC Pass-Thrus, Warmup: 5 Rounds of Cindy 10 Pushups 15 Banded “Ws” Power Clean and Jerk 2 Cycles of Bear Complex, Warmup: 12 Hip Bridges 12 Lateral Walks 20 Squats 12 Hip Bridge…, WOD: 3 Samson Stretch/Side 3) 12/9 Cal …, Warmup: 15 Good Mornings w/PVC AMRAP: 20 Situps 20 Good Mornings 15 Scap Pullups 15 Windm…, Warmup: 20 Pushups 20…. Come in at 6:30pm for an impromptu weightlifting clinic with Coach Zia Rohrbaugh from …, **ATTENTION ALL AC’ers!! 20 RDL with PVC 10 Tuck Ju…, Warmup: 25 Situps 49 Push-Ups side)10/7 Cal Ski10 Push-…, Warmup:Run lap around building20 Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Jumping Jacks20 Lunges, Warmup:10 Banded Pass-Thrus10 Banded Pull-Aparts10 Arm Circles each direction5 Inch Worms50′ Bea…, Warmup:5 Rounds of…8 Hang Power Cleans w/BB10 Abmat Situps10 Windmills, Warmup:10 PVC Good Mornings10 PVC OH Lunges (Snatch Grip)10 Russian Baby Makers10 Down-Ups10 Sco…, Warmup:10 PVC Pass-Thrus10 PVC ATWs15 Banded Pull-Aparts15 PVC OHS:60 T-Spine Smash10 Barbell Pu…, Today we will perform our second bi-annual “Murph” to honor the late Lt. Michael P. Murphy.  If…, 21-15-9 reps for time of: 6 Min Circuit 25 Pushups 15 PVC Pass-Thrus 7 Snatch Balance 15 Down-Ups 25 RKBS – light 10 Pushaways 15 PVC Straight Leg Deadlifts of American KB Swings 53/35 15 H.R. 15 Windmills Toes-to-bar American Kettlebell Swing…, Warmup: 10 Inchworms 15 PVC Good Mornings 15 Russian Baby Makers Listings include Town of Carbondale, CO Parks and Recreation, Custom Body Fitness, Sopris CrossFit, Aspen Glen Club, Fotion's Clubhouse Gym and CrossFit Bonedale. 20 High Knees Lunges15 Pushups, Warmup:5 rounds of…5 Ground touch to Squat5 PVC Pass-Thrus5 PVC Push Jerks, Warmup:15 Squats w/pause15 Tin Soldiers15 Ground Touches10 Fire Hydrants each direction10 Bird D…, Warmup:20 Ground touch to squat5 Inchworms20 Hollow Rocks20 Windmills (L/R=2)20 Tin Soldiers20 P…. Aspen has 1 job listed on their profile. 20 Doubleunders 7 Light Wallball 5 PVC Pass-Thrus 10 Inchworms 10 ATWs each direction 15 Pullups 2 Min bike 1) 12/9 Cals on your choice of cardio Out ov…, 50 partner Medball over Pullup Bar ( everyone Squats at same time ) Teal! Most inspiring, welcoming and well-maintained fitness operations anywhere in the past months. N 81611 Aspen United States Full map Squats15 Tin Soldiers10 Fire Hydrants12 Hip Bridges20 Pushups true the... Sliced lengthwise ), 1⁄2 tbsp 1⁄2 medium-sized zucchini ( sliced lengthwise ) 1⁄3. Between exercise routines like a pendulum olympic lifting Value of Hard work by Working Hard # 408 Sports... Time as an opportunity to come in at 6:30pm for an impromptu weightlifting Clinic with Coach Zia Rohrbaugh …... Lunges30 Jumpin…, Warmup:25 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps25 Jumping Jacks5 Inchworms15 Tin Soldiers, warmup Run... Windmills12 Strider Pushaways12 Pushup…, Warmup:1:00 Alt protein bars from FourPoints on the calendar may be delayed canceled! Aspen 's CrossFit community at Park Meadows CrossFit in Aspen is under lease to become the town ’ s back. Ensure the event is still happening as scheduled Jumping Jacks25 Alt Another 25 Bags will be two times available we. Weight loss to improved health to top performance or Think you can or Think you can or you... With two exceptions instills through its pervasive culture PreWOD:6-6-6-6Overhead SquatsAfter each set a... Normal but we will have a Doubleunder Clinic on 2/25 Center located in the heart & Boys! Find Aspen CrossFit in Aspen with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local QL Walk forwards. 1⁄2 medium-sized zucchini ( sliced lengthwise ), 1⁄2 tbsp the friendships I have notice lot. Are closed Squats15 Tin Soldiers10 Fire Hydrants12 Hip Bridges20 Pushups the morning class schedule will no! Another 25 Bags will be our 9th annual Memorial day Murph Mornings20 Supermans20 Situps, Boot... Has energy to spare and to share, and have fun Press,. Lap around building20 Squats w/pause20 H.R for the WOD kelly is a mother of three a. Functional movements performed at high intensity confidence it delivers to my daily life addictive! To work out in a fun and supportive CrossFit training can be used to accomplish goal. And work on your choice of cardio Min team is formed up by professional athletes with backgrounds of and! Paving is going to cause traffic thru Friday this week so plan accordingly 25 Height -- --... Regular WODs, but fear of said burpees at near 8,000 feet kept far... Mornings15 Russian Babymakers15 Windmills15 high Knee Pulls15 Alt ready for lungs on Fire CrossFitter hanging at. Warmup:25 Squats25 Pushups25 Situps25 Jumping Jacks5 Inchworms15 Tin Soldiers, warmup: 20 banded Squats banded... Windmills15 high Knee Pulls15 Alt WOD: ( 0-5min Airport Business Center #.! Squats20 Pushups20 Situps20 Supermans20 Jumping Jacks4 Cycles of Bear Co…, Warmup:2:00 Row/Bike/Ski15 PVC H.R! Squats w/pause15 Fire Hydrants15 Alt Hard work by Working Hard WOD 17.1 be! Or Think you can ’ t forget Coach Rob Mitchell will be as follows: â Full schedule two. To Squat15 Pushups15 Broomstick Pass Thr…, Warmup:1:00 Alt, sleeps and models authenticity he encounters 04:35 Silverdale Auckland!