Handlebar designed to increase flex when riding on the tops, rigidity in the drops. The Canyon Grail is one of the most distinctive bikes available today, thanks to its comfort-enhancing, double-decker handlebar, and the box-fresh 2020 range is more eye-catching than ever. One of the top class options Canyon Grail:ON introduced.Electric bike his world is developing at an incredible rate. Canyon's wild-looking Grail is a totally new bike, one which the brand says fills a gap in its skinny-tire family tree. Canyon is venturing into e-gravel with its Grail:ON. Canyon labels the handlebar and stem combination CP07, and it comes as a complete unit. It gets the job done. The Canyon Grail AL 7.0 SL is a great entry-level gravel bike and a good all-rounder. Arguably one of the most controversial gravel bikes on the market, the Canyon Grail is either loved - or hated. Canyon says, "When designing the Grail CF SL 8.0 SL, we wanted to do more than just join the gravel gravy train, we wanted to develop a fast gravel oriented bike that would answer a lot of the uncomfortable questions about riding road bikes on gravel or unpaved roads for long periods of time. No customizing with your favorite flared gravel bar with the Grail. Our editor put this versatile new bike to the test for this review. The cockpit is probably the most striking feature of the Canyon Grail. Canyon has attempted to make an already versatile concept even more flexible with its Grail:ON e-gravel bike. The most striking feature of the Canyon Grail, launched today, is its bar. Electric bike A new model has been added that managed to attract attention to the market. Finally, for riders looking to head off-grid, Canyon partnered with Topeak to come up with a lightweight and rugged bikepacking setup tailored specifically to the Grail. Canyon has released a range of new Grail models for the 2021 season, featuring the latest components and parts on the market. And this is why Canyon doesn’t equip a dropper post on the Grail:On, and instead uses its own impressively flexible VCLS 2.0 leaf spring seat post. With only one bike in the range, it's super easy to figure out what you're getting with the Grail. Few bikes stand out as much as Canyon’s carbon fibre Grail with its unique double handlebar design, but under those divisive looks lurks a bike that's seriously fast across all terrain thanks to great handling and comfort. The Canyon Grail:ON CF 8 eTap was selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020. The newest member of this world Canyon Grail:ON, Although … Canyon Grail 6 sizing and geometry When I reviewed the carbon, double-decker bar-equipped Grail CF I questioned Canyon’s sizing recommendations. (Yeah i know this is more of a roadie forum, but hopefully the aftersales service bit will be helpful to riders of all types!) The Canyon Grail AL 7.0 ready for the action What is it? 2019 Medium Canyon Grail with my own toptube bag and saddle I’m riding the version with Ultegra Di2, Reynolds tubeless carbon wheels, Schwalbe G-One Bite tires, and the split seatpost. The new bikes are still built around the same award-winning Grail frame that has become a huge favorite in the gravel scene in recent years but now, they are combined with the newest offerings from Shimano (GRX gearing ) and SRAM (Force eTap AXS groupset). It isn’t phased by heavy payloads and scores for its balanced handling. In this review, I will tell you about quirks of hoover handlebar, advantages and disadvantages of SRAM 1x12 drivetrain and overall handling of this bike. The same geometry and pedigree as the double handlebar Grail, the Grail AL is aimed at the gravel riders and racers that like the stiffness of alloy and the price point it offers. The carbon fork keeps the weight down and the comfort up, with a … Canyon Grail CF SLX 8.0 Di2 | 8.18 kg | € 4,499. Leave it to Canyon to think outside the box with its new Grail. Canyon’s new aluminium Grail adventure and gravel bike is a huge amount of fun on twisty trails and is able to provide good speed on a wide variety of surfaces, from road to gravel tracks. In the field test overview, I said that Canyon Grail is the fastest and the most road-like gravel bike in my comparison but there is much more about Grail that you should know about. 2021 Canyon gravel bike range. The Grail AL 7.0 features Canyon’s own aluminum HB 0050 Ergobar. Paul Norman March 15, 2018 5:04 pm . The German bike brand has added to its gravel travel bike portfolio, established by the Grail CF, with a new battery-assisted product evolution. Once the bike arrived at the plush, well-lit RBA office, everyone was immediately attracted to the novel dual-plane handlebar, but as with most Canyon bikes, there was an abundance of small details that kept the intrigue level high. Every time I rode the Canyon Grail:ON CF 8 eTap, one of my non-e-assisted workout pals cursed under his breath. Finding your ideal Canyon bike is only a few clicks away. It’s also great value, as you’d expect from Canyon and is well specced, though I’d prefer to see a sub-compact chainset for tackling steep off-road climbs or laden with bikepacking equipment. Here's everything you need to know about the Canyon Grail gravel bike. Canyon Bikes rethinks the gravel-grinder with its Grail, sporting unique handlebars and more. Meer informatie Canyon Grail bicycle - Double-decker handlebar smooths rocky rides, carbon-fiber Grail bike lets you make long trips over bumpy dirt or gravel roads more comfortable. Marin Headlands 1 2020 review Cipollini MCM Allroad Disc review Big Read: Riding and surviving the Jeroboam, a tough as nails gravel race in Italy About a Press Release. Last year i bought the very sexy looking, and very lightweight CANYON Exceed CF SLX 9.9. The double-decker handlebar is designed to improve control and comfort in a … As you can see, there's the Grail CF SL which comes with a carbon frame, and the simply named, Grail which comes with an alloy frame. Due to its lack of comfort, you’ll do better staying on compact gravel roads and asphalt when planning the route for your next bikepacking adventure. At first glance it appears the lower cross bar offers more hand positions like the old Scott Drop-in bars of the early 1990s, but since it is positioned so far forward, this is not the case during real-life use. The bike was well priced, arrived quickly, and didnt require too much building, and as hoped it was a good looking and initially good performing XC bike. With its first gravel bike, direct-to- consumer disrupter Canyon dares to reinvent the handlebar. Grail CF SLX; Grail CF SL; Grail AL; Understanding Canyon's naming system. The 2018 Grail range extends to six models in total: five Grail CF SL models will be available for sale in the US early April, including one women’s specific build, with the headline Grail CF SLX topping out the range. Available in both aluminum and carbon versions, the Grail CF SLX 8.0 Di2 was the bike we were lobbying to test.

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