Upgrade Material: Ebony Ingot: Weight: 14: Nightingale Blade is a Sword in Skyrim. 3 Miraak's Sword Warriors serving eldritch entities fit perfectly with Miraak's Sword. 000f6524 - Nightingale Blade 19-26. If you want to enchant, my best mix was Absorb Stamina/Magicka to pair with Invisibility for serial backstabs. However, Im pretty much advanced in the game (132 hours, level 61, 100 smithing) and it wont let me. The Nightingale Blade is a leveled item, so it's worth noting that its statistics can scale up to level 46. 5 years ago. Any others who agree, please post here. Archived. PC. I didn't care but I have realized that it's base damage is more than a daedric swords base damage. The Nightingale Blade is one of the coolest weapons in the game, and I would very much like to be able to upgrade mine. I heard that depending on the level you get it, it is possible to upgrade. Can't upgrade nightingale blade at grindstone. It made the blade stronger, but for some reason I was not able to upgrade he blade , and I have all he requires perks and items Last edited by 孤独な日本人 ; Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:53am #4 Posted by. got this at level 48 and it wont show up on the list when i use the grindstone is there a fix a mod do i have to go into the files and change some things do i have to use the unofficial skyrim patches. Steve Fallon Requires to boost Smithing Skill over 100 to achieve max quality. Can't upgrade nightingale blade at grindstone. What makes the Nightingale Blade Awesome. In the endgame, the Blade of Woe for backstabs, and Windshear, or the Nightingale Blade for spellswording, or even Dual Wield. Close. With this simple mod you can upgrade top Nightingale Blade with 25 absorb points of health/stamina. 000f6525 - Nightingale Blade 27-35. 0007a917 - Nightingale Blade 1-18. Absorb 25 points of Health and Stamina. Completing the quest Hard Answers Effect. Acquired From. Does not benefit from any Smithing perk. Mehrune's Razor is always a popular choice. Upgrades and Enchantment. Greetings, I recently obtained the bad ass Nightingale Blade, but I realized that Im not able to upgrade it. First off, bottom line: If you have Daedric Smithing, the max bow you can make will be about 60% stronger than the Nightingale Bow.If you have any Smithing perk, via the Alchemy-Enchanting-Smithing loop you can make that type of bow stronger than the Nightingale Bow simply because the Nightingale Bow is unaffected by Smithing perks (this is true for any Smithing value over 129; max is about 533). 000f6527 - Nightingale Blade … 0. 000f6526 - Nightingale Blade 36-45. It absorbs 25 points of health and stamina which increases the base damage from 14 to 39 per hit! I got the Nightingale Blade a while back and it wouldn't upgrade.