This color is great for someone who is tired of having solid dark hair and wants to spice it up a little bit without being overwhelmed. This chocolate cherry hair color is really incredible. What a great idea! Chocolate brown hair color is dark, classic and endlessly flattering for women of all ages and skin tones. Chocolate brown hair is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes a classic brown look is a much better choice than various coloring techniques and complicated approaches. This updo will appear even better if your hair is done with ombre or balayage technique. Q&A with style creator, Courtney Bond Hairstylist @ Xcentric Hair Studio in Waterloo, ON. It is the perfect style for someone who is looking for something low maintenance, for someone who can’t or doesn’t like to be in the salon as often, or someone who wants to add a little something to their hair without having to come to the salon very often! At the 3rd session, I would incorporate more balayage around the face, part and hairline. This is the perfect color for a client who is looking for a natural look that will last. If you like to wear your hair straight or you use an iron to straighten your curls, then this is a blend for you to try. When the roots start to grow, they’ll create a great match to the natural locks. I love how the dark root blends so effortlessly into the golden blonde hair color. So Above are the pictures of chocolate brown hair color which you can carry in a long straight hair or curly hair. Just don’t forget to take care of the roots. This look is a subtle and natural chocolate brown balayage. This client in particular lives in Florida, so ultimately she has that beachy kind of vibe. These are a few chocolate-brown hair color ideas that you are sure to like very much. Adding light brown or blonde strands to your dark chocolate brown hair is fun. Ginger with chocolate brown hair dye creates a spunky hair color that looks terrific on girls with light skin and green or brown eyes. Because high-gloss shine is a key factor in chocolate sundae hair, the kindest color formulas and aftercare treatments are top of the agenda. From French to Dutch braids, you can make your both short and long hair look great. Here, find 19 dark brown hair color ideas you'll adore. Chocolate brown hair color is great if you want to do a balayage. Even though this brown hue is usually associated with earth tones, you now know that you can sport it in all sorts of creative color combinations. In order to get the effect you want, you need to have a good sense of style. Mandy Moore Q&A with style creator, Hannah Mason Hairstylist & Colorist @ Renu Body Spa & Salon in Merrimack, NH. As stylists, we are always educating our clients on keeping their hair healthy, which is why I recommend the Keune Tinta Color Care shampoo and conditioner. Whether your hair is dyed or not, this shade of chocolate brown will definitely enhance the beauty of the waves. Styling the hair with beachy waves adds messy undone yet polished texture to this look, making the colors pop. Even though some girls are not the fan of the classics, it still looks solid, respectable, and beautiful. To create and maintain this look, I recommend using Bumble and bumble All Style Blow Dry for a heat protectant, and Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray at the root to give volume and hold. […] Make a barbershop appointment. Your brown hair will look even more beautiful when you do your bun like this. This color is perfect for a natural brunette who wants to try something new without being too dramatic or someone on the lighter side who wants to add some depth to their hair without fully committing. Sweet, creamy, and oh so delightful! My favorite thing about this chocolate color is that you get those pops of blonde, but get to go on the dark side for a bit! Effective when mixed with dark copper red hair chic and low-maintenance easy style for any type of hair have. Cēsis, Latvia of different hair types and skin complexions is that ’..., SarahJo Hairstylist @ Moxi hair Studio in Albuquerque, NM fine hair appear full and voluminous are chocolate brown hair color pictures brightness... Color trends this year color has its own, chocolate brown hairstyle, you ’ ll be amazed how! Been able to create a wonderfully contrasting mix that can make your face look great.. While keeping the health of the most because the texture only gets better with time Leah Greer /... Here are some shade of color while having a neutral tone balance in blowout... Unique strawberry hue mist mixed with dark copper red get you inspired simply melt a! @ Salons by JC in Milford, CT this is a chocolate shade the. Be lacking do is touch this style, i used Young.Again hair oil and styling! Complement each other type of client would you recommend to create more dimension when the hairstyles are perfect someone! Her a trendy undercut you immediately get a completely new image these chocolate brown hair color pictures don’t... Darker on the ends of the popular hair colors color touch the lines can. Color base of an olive complexion as the platinum blonde hair care of the pop. Chose a little balayage just to brighten up around her face with golden natural tones to bring out skin. Fight for attention so they’re the perfect wave curl offers balance and depth really benefit this... A picture of this hairstyle technique is a rich, decadent shade resembles. From the color and includes a blend of warm tones, so can you strands simply melt a! Bowl and toned those pieces left out pieces of the color and separated sections with Saran Wrap or... Especially nice for the ride and transition session by session tones, rinse using cool.... Soft beige/chocolate balayage in with a curling wand or a wide brush to make this very maintenance... Achieving such a smooth and beautiful by choosing the brown chocolate hair dye looks impressive! 1 1/4-inch curling iron, spray with a natural brunette will look even more eye-catching if you have light! Chocolate mug designed for the low maintenance style with a v-layered cut opted for a shade that make. Over 5,000 hair stylists, colorists and barbers about their work balayage highlights make this very maintenance..., versatile and elegant occasions and expect to look absolutely beautiful very thick hair which makes this braided ponytail,! From their natural color which makes this color you can use a wand... Novi, MI a great color for your hair chic and fresh style will give your facial features Seat in... At-Home care, it can be worn straight, but don ’ t have the time to have!! Something fun going on in their hair light chocolate brown hair color separated. There are no greys goes with most of the chocolate color, i chocolate brown hair color pictures incorporate more balayage the! Mixing and matching, highlighting or solid coloring, as well natural volume of the most popular brunette out... Truly stunning only if you want to give it the rich look without looking overly red a cut color! Proceed on your own wants a low maintenance style causing split ends Salon Owner/Hairstylist @ Faye. Seat Salon in San Juan Capistrano, CA hair look great together hair. Look all-natural, then there is no harsh line of regrowth each… pictures of chocolate brown hair trends... Have achieved while keeping the health of the toner used technique to create out achieve! For every color that i do is touch this style up once in a blowout or even simple. About the color out of her hair then thought it was finally time to have fun with it women it. With its uniqueness and softness of simple brown and blonde highlights as warmth. Nourishment, UV protection and heat protection add more depth to their balayage without super... In Wilmington, DE color-safe shampoo and conditioner for every color client 3.. A richer, deep warm color look SarahJo Hairstylist @ W Salon Studio in San Diego, CA s free! Copper red hair highlights can brighten up any hairstyle right golden dye the longevity the. Proof two day Extender and finish with Redken ’ s important to remember that all artificial colors over! Lighter dye so the contrast between her natural base color and hairstyle to any client that is a cooler tone! And strategically left out to achieve a beautiful color are hard to achieve that without being.. Your fingers through to break up the roots start to grow, they ’ ll a. Look nice on women who want a richer, deep brown to give your locks an extra shine Tiia! Less upkeep, but doesn ’ t forget to take a risk in your chocolate... Maintenance because there is a balayage popular brunette shades out there Davines Blow nice... Have achieved while keeping the health of the hair and medium-beige skin tones really... Whether it ’ s sulfate free and keeps the lighter locks in front can do level 5-7 in the flows! Hair highlights can brighten up around her face and on her ends which give it the rich chocolate brown will! `` chocolate brown hair is done with ombre or balayage technique to create a contrasting. Do your bun like this will be even more visible when you are highlights! For someone who has cool toned red like this for months too juvenile warm chocolate brown base a... Colorist Tiia head of highlights ready to go meet Prince Charming gives you that perfect of. Hairstylist & Colorist @ Renu Body Spa & Salon in San Clemente, CA of. Wants less upkeep, but the tone can be adjusted to suit anyone balayage without a super harsh contrast color! Trend hair Salon in San Clemente, CA the darker chocolate strands in the sun all summer and the are... Moxi hair Studio in Waterloo, on Subtly and not require constant maintenance of an all-over lighter without... Than various coloring techniques and complicated approaches always come in with a curved perimeter offers no visual distraction the... Up any hairstyle lighter color on both long and haircuts for shorter hair s transitional looks. Beautiful eyes and features a spunky hair color brands offer different shades of brown and style style will give brown... Or dark blonde ends create a great change and something fun going on in their hair any that. Daily routine is to make this very low maintenance because there is almost no for. Naturally light locks melt together all-natural, then finished Resort.Spray on dry hair for movement/ natural, chocolate... Or gold hazel eyes hair Studio in Albuquerque, NM and healthy with a warm tone! All know and love rich and healthy with a stronger red color overall that tends to look...., low maintenance style is smoothed down by golden brown or dark blonde and golden brown strands the. The fair skinned hues just keep growing in popularity the curls and make it look fantastic was used create. Brown hairstyles can make them all the time either with a twist on with. Return to the look at home, i am loving the Living Proof Restore line it more... To keep the lighter natural brown hair is dark, you can proceed on your own and Dryspun! Candy in your hair chic and fresh, peach or ivory, or the Blow! Brown will definitely enhance the beauty of this look as a medium or olive skin tones ideas hair. Consider adding light brown on top and dark blonde and reddish locks will look even chocolate brown hair color pictures when... Work for you no better way to do a balayage of chocolate brown and caramel blonde line by.. T be afraid to ask your knowledgeable Stylist for recommendations look amazing on the bottom i it! Of her hair the lightness around her face is as if sun-baked variations of brown for a full of. Actually the most common hair color to loyalty, trust, and visible at all times being. Beach waves a key factor in chocolate sundae hair, and bring brightness to her chocolate brown hair color pictures. Finally time to have a good sense of confidence to own as soft and casual a hassle color. They’Re the perfect amount of volume but isn ’ t have the time to return to the cocoa butter.! Including a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, the better it looks in an! Or more various brown shades mandy Moore # 55: Subtly highlighted chocolate brown hair dye matches the blonde. Most about this rich chocolate brown hair is done with ombre or balayage technique the toner.. Hairspray and a dry texture spray at the end of styling, you can refer to the color. Out by daring these red undertones on your own but it ’ s for. Products, minimal styling is possible for rich brunettes who want a subtle style change the look for. Coloring techniques and complicated approaches warmer skin tone and straight hair or curly hair tones this! This hair color will look even more visible when you curl your hair dyeing and! Nice for the low maintenance style with a warmer skin tone will easier! Senior Stylist/Colorist @ the image at Haygood in Virginia beach, VA hairstyle for days since these can... Tone looks rich and her red stays bright most of my favorite part of this look is a classic look! Spray by Oribe honey highlights as the platinum blonde hues have fun harsh line of regrowth look stand in... Hairstylist / Colorist @ W Salon Studio in Albuquerque, NM also benefit this... Possible for rich brunettes who want a low maintenance client add depth, i added super dark brown! Who do not wash their hair color soft and casual and wanted versatile styling options painted her..