They have slowly infiltrated the cycling ranks with impressive efforts. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 40 years, polarized lenses do a great job of cutting glare. Roka offers in-home try-on for $10 (credited to a purchase of glasses), but prescription lenses are nonrefundable. (Seriously.) In that same vein, Roka’s very fashion-forward Matadors tick the superlight and mostly distortion-free boxes. Nice stylish glasses from Roka With a choice of 13 lens colours and more for your frames, you can design your glasses around your team-kit, favourite colours, or even just as a … Roka Halsey review. How Much Do Zenni Glasses Cost? Cancel. 22,593 reviews for GlassesUSA, rated 4.39 stars. Compared to most glasses retailers, Zenni’s prices are nearly unbelievable. Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. You can find men’s and women’s glasses starting at $6.95 with select styles on the higher end of the scale at $50. 2. It comes with a slight mirror finish and 19% visible light transmission. I was looking for a new pair of glasses as my £140 pair from a high street opticians broke within a year so just wanted something cheap. UPDATE 9/5/20: One big downside with my glasses so far is that the "gecko" rubber nosepads starts to deteriorate after about 45 days. While it wasn't cheap, with the superb treatment, the wide selection, the quality and the final result we feel it was worth it. The tops don't have a frame, so … In the case of the ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x sunglasses I had on review, the lenses were of the bronze polarized variety. ... One of the coolest things about Roka sunglasses, in general, is the at-home try-on program. Roka Matador Review $195, 27g (as measured), I waited for glasses to come back and during this time was sent two more emails: 1) offer of $5 rebate if I submit a positive review for them before my glasses come (I said no, I want the glasses first) and 2) an email asking me to send their technician a tip (I said no, I want the glasses first. With 414 styles of men's glasses, 885 women's frames and 49 different frames for children of basic eyeglasses … They’re shown here, one Kona with a clear lens and one in a tint, and a Halsey in a tint. Roka makes unisex sunglasses that are designed for performance, but they also are very stylish. Other tints are available; go to the Roka … Designed for partly cloudy to bright and sunny conditions, the lens does a good job of heightening contrast. Our award-winning performance design is made for athletes by athletes. Carmen helped us navigate the many amazing options and thought along with us sharing in our enthusiasm which further enriched the experience. The lens on our review glasses is called HC Fusion and it is a vermilion colour. Large glasses are very in right now as well, so you’ll look super stylish. Designed for active people who care about quality. First, the ROKA Phantoms are very light. With aggressive styling and large visual field coverage these are great riding glasses … The Torino is a complete win for its comfort, grip, lens filters, but most of all its nod to a racing era people and companies continue to reminisce over. credit. ROKA started in 2011 in an Austin, Texas garage by two swimmers looking to build the world’s fastest wetsuit. For the last few years, Roka has made a strong name for itself in the performance eyewear realm with some very lightweight and super clear offerings. (Jesse Thomas is an aviator guy. x. Polarization. On test here is the F1, the smallest goggle in the range and also the only one with a changeable nose bridge. We would definitely recommend Carmen and Roka. Hidden ventilation, but effective - my glasses have yet to fog up even once. LundyLund. Find Faster with ROKA's ultralight cycling sunglasses. Price Paid: $168.00; User rating: (5) ... but super light. Anyone ever try these? Recently ROKA sent me a pair of their GP-1 half frame sunglasses. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Visibility is obviously crucial in a pair of glasses and it appears Roka has put real attention into its C3 lenses. SR-1(x) and SL-1(x): Sunglasses for Fast Days in the Saddle. ROKA Matador tech details. ROKA Rio Ti Performance Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women - Copper Frame - Bronze Lens with Rose Gold Mirror Initially reluctant to try a brand outside our trusted suppliers, Roka has proven to have stylish and functional glasses. A titanium core wire in the temple allows for fit adjustment, but unfortunately the nose pads are not adjustable, though ROKA tells me this feature is on the way. The Roka SR-1X performance glasses are superlight and immensely comfortable, but for the near-premium price tag you might expect a spare lens. These are some of Roka's Top of the line cycling sunglasses. The Barton, by ROKA. Goggles 4 U. Goggles 4 U has been in business since 2002. ROKA glasses. These glasses are beautiful These glasses are beautiful! Premium eyeglasses that won't slip or fall off your face. Just bought my second pair of glasses Just bought my second pair of glasses. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Review: Roka GP-1 Sunglasses. Today they have expanded beyond technical apparel to performance eyewear and storage solutions. HW With four styles and 10 tints available in the new range from U.S. brand Roka, you’d be hard-pushed not to find one to suit you. No annoying sliding down on your nose while you’re out for a run, no risk of them flying off your face while enjoying a boat ride on the lake, and no nagging pain on the side of your head after long periods of use. RE: clear glasses: I usually wear them in the rain, but I also wear contacts so getting water & grit in my eyes is also a lot riskier for me since I become legally blind if I lose a contact. At 20 grams, they’re lighter than any of the many pairs of sunglasses I own. We reviewed some to see if they really don't ever slip. Not so much.) The Roka Matador glasses get a pleasantly different profile with a dropped & upward facing hinge design that allows more space around the top of the frame to reduce the chances of interference with most cycling helmets. ROKA Phantom Aviator Sunglasses Review. ROKA makes 3 frames I really like: Kona, Halsey and Barton. Me? (Happens to all acetate frames without NOSEpads for me) wondering if the TR-90 nylon material really is lighter?? if they fog up, usually the condensation is on the outside and I can just spare a moment to wipe it … Limited Time - Save $75 when you buy 2 pairs of Progressives. In available credit. I'm curious because my old pair of clear acetate frames were too heavy and always left a Mark on my nose. You choose which glasses you want to try, Roka … Share your voice on Sunglasses Eyeglasses Blue Blocking Gear Search. Children’s glasses begin at $10 and go up to nearly $30. The frame has a flexible nylon construction, which results in an ultralight weight of just 28g. I order two pairs for £50 with express delivery and I prefer them both to my previous pair. … Roka's selection is small but curated with very few styles that wouldn't look good on most men. They are incredibly light, do not move at all during activity, and the lenses are excel ... submit a review. I had a pair of Konas and a Halsey. Will never fall off your face. If you have any experience with this company or their product, please leave your reviews below. Please excuse the odd nick in them in any of the images. Today I am reviewing the Roka GP 1-X Cycling Sunglasses. The glasses arrived shortly after that. Roka's Halsey sunglasses look great and perform even better. Ultra-lightweight comfort. Buy men's prescription glasses online with our free Home Try-On program.