Meet Affect @ Ragan’s Visual Communications Conference at Cisco, September 21-23

Content marketing is getting harder everyday. Comms pros are challenged to create creative, exciting content to stand out from the competition – while dealing with consumers’ shortening attention spans and a heavier reliance on mobile phones. Most brands understand that visuals need to be a part of their content marketing strategy – but don’t know where to start or how to make sure that they achieve ROI for their efforts. Join Affect at Ragan’s Visual Communications Conference at Cisco headquarters Read more […]

A Crash Course in Plagiarism

It’s been an eventful week in the news as the presidential election heats up. At Affect, Melania Trump’s speech on Tuesday night inspired some lively coffee talk about plagiarism. Regardless of how you feel about the speech – it’s critical for communications experts to understand what counts as plagiarism and how to avoid it. Here are three of the most common ways to get in trouble: Your Idea Isn’t Actually Yours: In this case, you’ve read about a concept or idea and would like to Read more […]

Social Media as News-Driver: How to Make your Stories Clickable

It may come as no surprise that social media has become the biggest source of news for today’s consumers, and thus what trends on social has a big impact on what media outlets decide to cover. A study recently came out underscoring that fact, with stats showing that 51% of online users are now getting their news from social media at least once a week. Knowing this, brands need to change their PR strategies to make sure their companies stay relevant and visible. So how can you make sure your Read more […]

How to Demonstrate ROI on PR – Measure, Measure, Measure

Gone are the days when PR ROI was difficult to measure – in fact, most companies have been looking to measure the impact of their PR campaigns for some time now. But as companies put a greater emphasis on data-driven results, and measurement becomes an increasingly important component of PR, everyone from CMOs to heads of PR agencies still struggle to understand exactly what should be included when measuring their results. In a very competitive marketplace for clients, dollars and internal resources, Read more […]

Collaborating with Bloggers – Effectively and Ethically

One of the most powerful ways to engage any target audience is by partnering with a blogger. Whether you’re looking to reach a large amount of consumers or a passionate niche of enthusiasts, there’s likely the perfect blog out there, willing and able to help deliver your message to their audience of loyal readers. While partnering with a blogger may provide unquestionable advantages – especially in regards to reach and credibility – it’s important to ensure you engage with bloggers effectively Read more […]

Healthcare Media Watch: Three Spots that Should Be on Your List

We’re constantly on the hunt for new and different ways to get our clients into the media. It’s not easy breaking out of the mold of what works and exploring new avenues, but the reward is worth the risk. Particularly in a vertical market like healthcare, where media opportunities often come in the form of byline articles, it’s important to assess what alternatives exist in order to gain maximize exposure in a way that’s creative – but first and foremost, aligns with business objectives. Read more […]

ICYMI: Highlights from the #Internetweek CEO Panel: Data Privacy & Cyber Security

Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. As hackers become craftier and cyber attacks become less expensive to implement, all the while growing in size, frequency and complexity, it is no longer an option for organizations across all industries to have a comprehensive understanding of how to protect themselves and their customers. If an enterprise falls victim to a hack, not only do they risk exposure of proprietary information and potential reputational damage, but it could also cost immeasurable Read more […]

Highlights from Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Every year, the industry looks to Verizon for key security statistics and to report on the state of security globally. From a public relations perspective, the findings in this report help kick-off the discussion for upcoming trends as well as provides interesting statistics to draw from when creating content. For 2016, the report highlights that companies need not only guard against new threats, but also remember the basics. In fact, phishing schemes have seen a resurgence in popularity, with Read more […]

Beantown, Here We Come!

We’re ecstatic to announce the opening of our new outpost in Boston. Located at 711 Atlantic Avenue at coworking space Workbar, the new office space will allow Affect to provide local support to its growing roster of technology and healthcare clients in the area. This new office provides a space for our fast growing team to work and meet with clients in the Northeast. It also gives Affect a local presence for the Boston tech scene and an ability to engage with the community. Boston is a Read more […]

Tech Media Watch: Four Things We’re Loving

At Affect, we’re constantly on the pulse of the media landscape—who’s moving where, who’s covering what, and what new tricks publications or networks are using to trying to capture our collective attention. The tech sector has been particularly interesting from a media perspective, with several high-profile entities expanding, boosting or deepening their coverage of this disruptive industry, many in just the last month alone. Here are four of our current favorites: Forbes Podcast: The Read more […]