Deliver: A Magazine for Marketers

We just got our July copy of “Deliver: A Magazine for Marketers” published by the United States Postal Service. This is one of my favorite magazines and I always look forward to receiving it. is the companion website to the magazine, and is even more resourceful. Both always cover some aspect of direct mail… Continue reading

MarketingSherpa’s Chart of the Week

This is new from MarketingSherpa. This neat little “Chart of the Week” pops into my inbox every Tuesday. Their goal is to bring you something useful and interesting in only 2 minutes by presenting a bite-sized piece of their research and lessons learned from it. Just to give you an idea of topics, here are… Continue reading

Corporations take note: Twitter is here

Following Sandra’s blog on Twitter last week (see April 25), I have to concur that Twitter is becoming a powerful communication tool that’s being underestimated and shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially by corporations. I’ve been following the Comcast/Twitter customer satisfaction dissatisfaction story of Michael Arrington (from the influential and highly read blog, TechCrunch) who was one… Continue reading

Great Idea for Event Marketing That Works

It’s getting more and more difficult to rise above the noise at tradeshows and do something compelling and different. So I love coming across great ideas for event marketing that do this and that work! Check out the cash cube money machines that are available to rent from Ideas4Events. These cash cubes come in different… Continue reading

“The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth” – G4TV Ad

I saw this advertisement for G4TV in MediaWeek. It’s smart, creative, and gets straight to the point. I love the message and the copy…”The time has come. Today, geeks are cool.” Most of the advertisements in MediaWeek lead with demographic information and statistics – like the number of viewers, age range etc. These ads don’t… Continue reading

High Tech Entrepreneurs

Last night a few of us attended a Meet Up group for Israeli High Tech Entrepreneurs in New York. The events are organized by Yaron Samid of Pando Networks. It’s a great forum to hear about emerging technologies, innovative start-ups and established firms that have an Israeli connection. This month’s meeting featured presentations by FlixWagon,… Continue reading

MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Wisdom Report

Heads Up: MarketingSherpa just released Sherpa’s 2008 Wisdom Report. This is a fantastic long-but-easy-to-read report of real-life case studies and tips from over 1000 marketers on lessons learned in what has worked for them in various marketing campaigns and tactics. It’s a must read. If you haven’t got it yet, download it here Here’s to… Continue reading

PR Lady — Good for a Laugh, If You Consider Yourself a Genius ;)

I’m not sure when Apple released the PR Lady advertisement as part of their ongoing Get a Mac series, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share: I’m happy to report that our team at Affect Strategies bears a much closer resemblance to the Genius. For us, the art of communication is all about possessing… Continue reading

2008 Predictions from Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) just surveyed its membership base (IAB members are responsible for selling over 86% of online advertising in the US!) for what’s in store for the interactive advertising marketplace in 2008… 1. Do you think social networking will continue to explode in 2008? Yes: 53% No, 35% : social networks will… Continue reading

IAB’s MIXX Conference & Expo left me with mixed feelings

Yes, I did enjoy the MIXX conference that was held in NYC this week and yes, of course, I got a lot out of it. The keynote sessions and panels were very good. It was inspiring to hear from all the Fortune 500 companies and conglomerate agencies talk about their successful integrated marketing campaigns. Carla… Continue reading