the impact of social media on attention

The past decade has witnessed a momentous transformation in the way people interact and exchange information with each other. Content is now co-produced, shared, classified, and rated on the Web by millions of people, while attention has become the ephemeral and valuable resource that everyone seeks to acquire. – Bernardo A. Huberman Last week, I… Continue reading

Dusting the Cob Webs off Your Trade Show PR Strategy

My client recently attended CES, one of the biggest trade shows of the year and an extremely noisy show from a media standpoint. Although I’ve promoted dozens of clients’ trade show presences, CES is undoubtedly the most challenging technology show of the year in which to make a splash, reminding the most skilled PR practitioner… Continue reading

Online Community Building: Start with a Solid Foundation

We often talk about social media and community engagement, but don’t always separate the two. It is important to understand the distinction between social media and community as well as how they complement one another within a social strategy. Social media tools and technology can help to cultivate a community or provide online locations where… Continue reading

Blogging Your Way Into a Job

Jessica Dickler writes the Hired! blog for CNNMoney. Her most recent post tells the story of how a pilot received multiple job offers after building an online network and blogging about his experience. Jessica contacted me about the story and asked my opinion on his approach and using social media to source a job. I… Continue reading

Best Tweets from Past Week

I have been so immersed in Twitter the last couple of weeks, that I’ve forsaken my blogging passion for the 140 character posts! If you are not on Twitter, well, um, you should follow us: @sandrafathi, @lesliecampisi, @yasminbendror And if you missed our tweets, I thought of summing up the best ones over the passed… Continue reading

Reaching out to Bloggers? Remember These Tips…

I don’t usually blog about other blog posts, I tweet them but I found this blog post valuable to all of us – agencies and companies – planning and executing social media marketing that I thought, heck, its worth expanding my tweet and sharing the knowledge. So, Samir Balwani has a blog called Left The… Continue reading

Help: I’m drowning in Social Media

I have had so many discussions lately with marketers and PR folks that are practically in a panic about how to engage in social media. Suddenly, their CEO or their clients are adamant that they need to be on YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogging…. and a host of other activities. They want them… Continue reading

Who’s Behind the Best Twitter Brands…?

There have been some great blogs by the Mashable folks about brands on Twitter. Here’s the one I found most interesting by Jennifer Van Grove: “40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them” on how these brands use Twitter to their best advantage. Funny, the only two identities Mashable didn’t unravel were… Continue reading

Takeaways from the Real-Time Communications Conference

Yesterday the Affect team sponsored and attended the Real-Time Communications Conference in NYC put together by the Business Development Institute (BDI) I thought it was a great gathering: The keynote speaker was Ray Kerins, VP Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. The panel that followed was moderated by Melanie Milstein, author of Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution with… Continue reading

Seth Godin’s Blog Rocks

I like the way this man thinks, writes, and shares his ideas. I like his attitude. He’s not caught in any hype. He’s sensible. He thinks for himself. He’s honest, cuts through the muck, and tells it the way it is. I like every blog that he writes. So you can tell? Yeah, I’m a… Continue reading