A Look at Social Media Trends for 2011 (So Far)

It’s December 2nd and the end of 2010 is in sight. This also means that the social media predictions and trends preview for 2011 are starting to roll out. Here is an overview of some great posts that capture the first wave of predictions as well as a review of 2010: Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011 from Spin Sucks: “All companies should become media companies, in that the content they provide is valuable, consistent, and non-salesy. This will be big for B2B companies while they figure Read more […]

Where Does PR End and Customer Service Begin?

Marshall Kirkpatrick just wrote a great post on ReadWriteWeb about Twitter and CRM, using Comcast as an example. I could have written about 30 different posts of my own in response. But I keep coming back to this one question: Where does PR end and customer service begin? One of the most interesting aspects of Twitter is that it provides a neutral playing ground for every type of communications agenda. I often find myself arguing that the next wave of successful social networking sites will specialize Read more […]

Follow Up: WNYC’s Pitch-Perfect Email Response

I wanted to give WNYC a shout-out for replying to my whiny email about missing the beginning of Morning Edition yesterday. Within an hour of my inquiry, a member of their Listener Services team sent me this terrific reply. She gave me permission to post it, so long as I didn’t give her kudos by name. So, no credit for you, NAME REDACTED! Thank you for writing to WNYC, New York Public Radio, about this morning’s broadcast of Morning Edition. What you heard was actually a mistake, when we inadvertently Read more […]

What to do if you lose your iPhone?

First, cry! I did. I lost my iPhone at a business function on Thursday and I was pretty hopeful that someone would turn it in. Alas, it hasn’t happened and I may have to face the cold, hard reality that it just might not be coming back. Second, fight for your iPhone. I am not giving up without a fight. I scoured the Web, called AT&T and Apple and thought that I’d receive a plethora of advice and support. Unfortunately, I got a lot of “Sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you” and “Just Read more […]

Sadistic Customer Service & Masochistic Customers

Why do we do it? Why do we allow ourselves to be beaten to a pulp, used and abused and mercilessly left for dead on hold by sadistic customer service representatives from companies that we pay good money for their bad service? In the last few weeks, I have experienced an inordinate amount of appalling customer service. For my colleagues in the office, its quite funny that the cable guy has been to my house three times in one week. Thanks Cablevision! (Maybe the fourth time’s the charm because Read more […]

Get Satisfaction: Start-Up Makes Customer Service Top Priority

Love a company? Despise a product? Have a technical problem that needs solving? San-Fran start-up Get Satisfaction is making your customer service needs its top priority. “Part online discussion, part FAQ, and part social network for all your products and services”, Get Satisfaction works by putting customer service back in the hands of customers. Power to the people! Anyone can submit a suggestion (user search would be super nifty), ask a question (how can I obtain a rebate on a lost iPhone?) Read more […]