Build Your Brand the Social Way

An article I wrote recently appeared in PRNews on “Building Your Brand the Social Way” outlining some universal truths regarding social media engagement. If your company is blogging, tweeting or friending, you might want to check it out. Highlights include: Have a voice and stay on message (themes) Be authentic, honest & ethical Get ready for a long-term commitment Provide value, not noise Aim for quality, not quantity Share & play nice in the social media sandbox Bring online Read more […]

Finding a Job Through Social Media

Everyone knows that job candidates are flooding the market right now. There are jobs out there, but standing out in a sea of experienced, qualified applicants can be difficult, but not impossible. Social media offers a plethora of opportunities for marketers to reach consumers and businesses, but it also offers job candidates a direct line of communication to corporations and hiring managers. Here are some tips for would-be new hires – both to stand out in the crowd and find the job opportunities Read more […]

Help: I’m drowning in Social Media

I have had so many discussions lately with marketers and PR folks that are practically in a panic about how to engage in social media. Suddenly, their CEO or their clients are adamant that they need to be on YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogging…. and a host of other activities. They want them to go from zero to 100 miles an hour by Friday. With budgets shrinking and appetites increasing for customer engagement and revenue generation, executives are right to turn their Read more […]

Takeaways from the Real-Time Communications Conference

Yesterday the Affect team sponsored and attended the Real-Time Communications Conference in NYC put together by the Business Development Institute (BDI) I thought it was a great gathering: The keynote speaker was Ray Kerins, VP Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. The panel that followed was moderated by Melanie Milstein, author of Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution with Dave Armon, President PR Newswire, David Sacks, Founder of Yammer, Paul Gennaro, Chief Communication Officer, AECOM, Morgan Read more […]

LinkedIn Grows Up: The Business Social Network Finally Adds Some Social Features

LinkedIn finally got a clue. I have been ‘using’ LinkedIn practically since it launched. I say ‘using’ because other than updating my profile and occasionally fending off an awkward introduction request to someone 5 steps away from me, it wasn’t very useful. I did find it helpful to be able to read the resume of someone who I was going to meet or possibly conduct business with but it certainly did not deliver the ‘community’ that social networks typically provide. That’s why I was so excited a few Read more […]

Internet-enabled Umbrella – Geeking in the Rain

A high-tech umbrella from Pileus has everything a tech geek needs – Internet access, large screen surface, a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS and a digital compass. It’s two main functions are social photo-sharing and 3D map navigation…uh, keeping you dry in the rain while looking like a total geek. According to Pileus, “a user can take photos with a camera on the umbrella, and pictures are uploaded to Flickr in two minutes with context tags via a wireless Internet connection. User can Read more […]