Build Your Brand the Social Way

An article I wrote recently appeared in PRNews on “Building Your Brand the Social Way” outlining some universal truths regarding social media engagement. If your company is blogging, tweeting or friending, you might want to check it out. Highlights include: Have a voice and stay on message (themes) Be authentic, honest & ethical Get ready… Continue reading

Is “Fooled You!” Good PR?

Yesterday morning, I sent an email around to the team with a link to TechCrunch’s April Fools tech PR roundup. My initial reaction to the post was, Oof. We missed the boat. Then I scrolled. And scrolled. And scrolled. I didn’t take time to tally them up, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of… Continue reading

Bad Usability Calendar 2009: When Poking Fun is Good PR

I got a fresh comment on my year-old post highlighting the 2008 Bad Usability Calendar, alerting me that the 2009 version is out. Hooray! In last year’s post, my love for the calendar nearly made me overlook its origins. I’m righting that this time: the calendars are the brainchild of a Nowegian UX firm, NetLife… Continue reading

Simple Plans for Invaluable Feedback from Your Customers

Following Leslies’ great blog below on jetBlue, Dell, like jetBlue, are also being smart with their customers and mending their “bad” ways with a simple and clever idea: Dell’s IdeaStorm, Where Your Ideas Reign. Dell’s simple request: Post your ideas and tell us what products and services you like, what you don’t like. There are… Continue reading

Travelodge PR Team Scores Nice Hit with Quirky Survey

The next time a client asks why you’re recommending they conduct a survey to generate PR, send them to this New Yorker piece on Coldplay. The article begins: In a 2005 piece in the Times, Jon Pareles called the British rock group Coldplay “the most insufferable band of the decade,” and he placed the blame… Continue reading