First Step in Overcoming Social Overload: Admit You Are Powerless Over Tech Advancements

Guest post from Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of PR News. During Internet Week in New York, I attended a presentation that drove home the point that communicators are overloaded with social media options and sinking under the weight of an endless flow of data. Up on the video screen a chart displayed dozens of interconnected logos—each one representing a hot, formerly hot and soon-to-be-hot digital channel. “Does this represent your typical workday and the choices you have to make?” Read more […]

Top PR Stories: What You Need to Know This Week

In public relations we are constantly monitoring news relating to our clients that we sometimes forget to keep up on our own industry. In order to help you with your weekly dose of industry news, I’ve included this week’s top PR articles below. 1. What SOPA Means for PR Professionals (Ragan’s PR Daily) SOPA was a major industry topic this week, with a large amount of websites, including Wikipedia, protesting the act. It’s interesting to see how this act influences public relations. Read more […]

Google+ & PR: What does it mean for you and your company?

Earlier this week I gave a workshop of Google+ & PR for PRSA-NY. The class was particularly timely due to the expected announcement in the very near future, of company or brand pages on Google+. Public relations professionals have seen the rise, and fall, of a variety of social networks over the last four to five years but there has never been a social network that was initiated by a company with so much clout, such a significant user base, a global presence and as deep pockets as Google. It’s Read more […]

Ads Get Social On Google+

Since the creation of social networks, advertisers have wanted new ways that would allow users to share advertisements with their networks. Finally, advertisers have the tool that allows users to share the ads with members of their community, directly. Well, that is the community on Google+ anyways. Announcing via its AdSense blog, Google has launched an ad version that includes the “+1” tool, now synonymous with Google+. Google+ users can click the “+1” on the ad to share the advertisement Read more […]

Plus One: Google+ Adds Another Space for Brand Monitoring

Google+ made a splash a couple weeks ago, when it launched in private beta, providing marketers and PR professionals another social media venue to study and decide how to use it for sales purposes. While brands can’t create presences on Google+ yet, there are already plans to build Facebook-like brand pages. Once that happens, there’s no doubt brands will be ready to jump into the fray and interact with a new community of people. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the Plus yet, imagine Read more […]

Google’s Not the Only One that Can Have Some Inspiration – Idea Day Hits Affect

Every once in awhile, you just have to unwind, relax, and let the ideas flow. For Affect, we tried something we’ve never attempted before: An employee Idea Day. In the same vein as Google and HP, everyone on the team was tasked to come up with an idea that would help Affect better serve clients, improve on the work environment or suggest something that we need (even if we didn’t know we needed it). For this, everyone on the team was given a half-day (and some dough) to go off and get inspired. Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: Facebook and Twitter for Business – It’s time to get personal

How should businesses go about monitoring their Twitter or Facebook pages? Johnson King Account Executive Matthew Tubbs and Senior Account Executive Dana Hashem weighs in on a Social Media Week 2011 panel that discussed how companies should approach a new feed. The Facebook and Twitter for businesses event at Social Media Week 2011 saw Mark Shaw and Julie Hall up on stage to discuss strategy for establishing a successful corporate presence in social media. Although the platforms are different Read more […]

Finding a Job Through Social Media

Everyone knows that job candidates are flooding the market right now. There are jobs out there, but standing out in a sea of experienced, qualified applicants can be difficult, but not impossible. Social media offers a plethora of opportunities for marketers to reach consumers and businesses, but it also offers job candidates a direct line of communication to corporations and hiring managers. Here are some tips for would-be new hires – both to stand out in the crowd and find the job opportunities Read more […]

Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google

I am working on my presentation for a Vocus webinar later this afternoon, entitled ‘Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google’ with my co-presenter Jenni Bowring-McDonough from Free Spirit Publishing. As with all presentations of this kind, there is never enough time to review all of the material or share as much information as you would like. So, I thought I’d write a quick blog post and share some of the articles and information that I’ve come across in the last few months that Read more […]

Is Print Dying?

Just last week I read the FORTUNE magazine (Jan issue) interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his sentiments on the newspaper industry, wishing he could rescue it, and declaring his passion and want for this industry to survive! In answer to the question: What if the newspaper industry does go down? said, “To me this presents a real tragedy in the sense that journalism is a central part of democracy…” I was agreeing with his sentiments… Then just yesterday, Spencer Spinnell, director Read more […]