Hitting the Home Run: 5 Pitching Tactics from the Associated Press

Recently, a few members of the Affect team attended a PRSA-NY panel, “Inside the Media” at the Associated Press (AP). The event panel consisted of three journalists: Beth Harpaz, Travel Editor, John Simons, Technology and Media Editor and Amanda Barrett, New York News Editor whose goal was to discuss how PR practitioners can further collaborate with reporters in a mutually beneficial way. There were quite a few interesting discussions that took place during the panel, as well as important Read more […]

Stressed, but Not for Long

I noticed quickly in starting at a New York PR agency that multi-tasking isn’t an optional activity. It’s mandatory. E-mails never seem to stop filling up your inbox. Project deadlines sneak up on you. Meetings run long, which puts you behind. All of that doesn’t even begin to account for your personal life, complete with your personal e-mail account, keeping up with friends and family, romantic relationships, health issues, etc. You have to learn how to balance it all, which is an important Read more […]

Internet Week 2011: A PR/Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar….

With Internet Week 2011 winding down in New York City, we wanted to ask someone who saw about as much as of the week’s festivities as one person could. Here’s what you missed, and what you need to know about this year’s Internet Week from guest Stephanie Grayson, an experienced communications professional and friend of Affect’s. A PR or Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar…. No, it’s not necessarily a joke that requires a fill-in-the-blank answer. There were Read more […]

New York Intern Project Winner Pat Gotham Talks Contest

New York Intern Project winner Pat Gotham discusses the contest, including the experience and the thrill of winning. See you in New York City! “So, Pat, what are your plans after you graduate?” “I’m moving to New York City to intern at a PR agency.” “What!? You got the internship?! That’s so awesome! I voted for you by the way!” It feels great to have this conversation multiple times each day, but the road getting here wasn’t easy. If any of the readers have entered Read more […]

New York City’s Crisis Communication Could Use Some Work

Calling all PR people! No matter what industry your clients are in and no matter what kind PR you practice, we can all learn some lessons from the city of New York’s management of the Snowpocalypse 2010. Yes, the situation has been mishandled in every aspect, but Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences are chock full of great PR lessons. Lesson #1 – manage your client’s expectations properly. This means,  don’t set a deadline with a client that you can’t meet. You better be darn sure you can deliver. Read more […]