Need Press? Repeat: ‘Green,’ ‘Sex,’ ‘Cancer,’ ‘Secret,’ ‘Fat’

According to an article in today’s NY Times, these words help PR folk get press. The article discusses two issues; how certain words can get an editor to sit up an pay attention, and how ‘keyword’ density can help with press release pickup and search engine rankings. It is well-known in the industry that the 5-second headline read is usually the make or break point to pique an editor’s interest. However, it is not as common for PR practitioners to write for the ‘robots’ that pick up press releases Read more […]

Even the New York Times Gets it Wrong Sometimes

I caught this small typo on the New York Times website last week and had the immediate urge to take a screenshot. I kept the file on my desktop for awhile, not knowing what to do with it. This morning I realized what I like about it. Isn’t it a relief to know that even the New York Times makes a silly mistake sometimes? The next time you make a dumb spelling error in the subject line of an email — or feel your blood pressure rising when a member of your account team does the same — remember Read more […]

NYT: Want to Succeed in Life? Study Philosophy & Creative Writing

I love it when The New York Times validates my life choices: In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for the Life Examined “If I were to start again as an undergraduate, I would major in philosophy,” said Matthew Goldstein, the CUNY chancellor, who majored in mathematics and statistics. “I think that subject is really at the core of just about everything we do. If you study humanities or political systems or sciences in general, philosophy is really the mother ship from which Read more […]

Microsoft/Yahoo Acquisition Coverage in the New York Times’ Tech Blogs

I have been following the Microsoft/Yahoo acquisition story all morning, and, I must say, it’s amazing to me how many creative, well-written pieces the New York Times has posted on this subject today. The paper’s Technology home page is usually where I start my day at the office. From there, I usually get hooked into a Blogrunner headline or head into the Bits blog. Today, Saul Hansell posted two really thought-provoking posts on the merger in Bits: An Offer Yahoo Can’t Refuse, and the follow-up, Read more […]

2007: The Year In Ideas (and Awards)

For a meme-junkie such as myself, there is no better time of year to catch up on microtrends than the New York Times Magazine’s annual Year in Ideas. Reading year-end pieces such as this one, and GOOD Magazine’s, feels like an naughty idea binge. While they’re good for reading up on trends you may have missed — like Left-Hand Turn Elimination, genius! — they are equally good for a gloating over the memes you have already embraced and thrown to the curb. Lite-Brite Fashion? No big surprise to Read more […]