Grow Your Social Media Impact

Social media is well past its infancy but it is still easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options available. From blogs to social networking sites, podcasts to multimedia, the possibilities are endless. In order to optimize the results of social media efforts for your company, it is important to send the right messages, to the right audience, through the right channel. This can be challenging and requires continuous upkeep. As a social media and PR agency, Affect has helped develop and Read more […]


Practical advice and down-to-earth expectations on launching and running a Twitter campaign by Yasmin and Katie. For the past few months, my colleague, Katie Safrey, and I have been drowning deeply immersed in launching and running some exciting (and successful) social media programs for our clients. We have finally surfaced to take a breath, and thought we would share a few downright practical tips from the Twitter trenches. Note: These tips apply to both B2B and B2C Twitter programs. Read more […]

HootSuite: Nifty Little Twitter Tool

Here’s a new tool for Twitter that we just came across called HootSuite. The great thing about this is that it allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles, and if you have a few people tweeting for your organization, you can add multiple “tweeters”. How it works is that one person is designated to be the administrator of the accounts, and that person can give other people the authority to edit and make changes to individual accounts. You can also pre-schedule tweets that can be mixed Read more […]

5 Tips on Finding the Right Social Media Advisor or Agency for Your Company

There are so many folks coming out of the woodwork these days that claim to be social media experts. It’s hard to know who’s a snake oil salesman and who really has the good stuff. For the most part, a social media expert needs to be more than someone who’s anointed themselves with the title. Here are five quick tips that will help you sniff out a good partner to help you achieve your objectives in social media: 1. Practice what they preach. Anyone trying to advise you on social media engagement Read more […]

Latest Nielsen Research: Twitter Retention Rate Low and I ask, “So What?”

For those who are following me on Twitter (@yasminbendror), I know I tweeted about this, but I have the need to write more that 140 characters! So, David Martin, Vice President, Primary Research at Nielsen Online – a research company that delivers audience and Internet measurement metrics – released some interesting data last week on his blog on Twitter, its retention rate, and predictions on where Twitter will be if retention rates don’t improve. You can read the report for yourself, but Read more […]

Takeaways from the Real-Time Communications Conference

Yesterday the Affect team sponsored and attended the Real-Time Communications Conference in NYC put together by the Business Development Institute (BDI) I thought it was a great gathering: The keynote speaker was Ray Kerins, VP Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. The panel that followed was moderated by Melanie Milstein, author of Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution with Dave Armon, President PR Newswire, David Sacks, Founder of Yammer, Paul Gennaro, Chief Communication Officer, AECOM, Morgan Read more […]

LinkedIn Grows Up: The Business Social Network Finally Adds Some Social Features

LinkedIn finally got a clue. I have been ‘using’ LinkedIn practically since it launched. I say ‘using’ because other than updating my profile and occasionally fending off an awkward introduction request to someone 5 steps away from me, it wasn’t very useful. I did find it helpful to be able to read the resume of someone who I was going to meet or possibly conduct business with but it certainly did not deliver the ‘community’ that social networks typically provide. That’s why I was so excited a few Read more […]